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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 365

18251. A government by the few

18252. Phenolic water generated in coke ovens & by-product plant of a steel plant are disposed off by

18253. 5-200 μm size particles are called

18254. The progressive warming up of the earth's surface is mainly due to the

18255. The effect of increase in carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere and its profound effect on our climate is called the

18256. Arsenic pollutant is not generated in____industries.

18257. The resistance of water to the passage of light through it is a measure of the

18258. Color test of water is done with an instrument called

18259. Which of the following gases is having the widest explosion limit (about 2 to 81% gas in gas-air mixture), rendering it the property of the most explosive gas ?

18260. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to 'green house' for the plants.

18261. In water treatment, alum[Al2(SO4)3] is used for the process of

18262. Pick out the one which is not a chemical coagulant.

18263. Presence of iron and manganese in water causes

18264. Septic tanks are used for the __________ of the deposited solids.

18265. Death may occur, when SO2 concentration in atmospheric air exceeds __________ ppm.

18266. Which of the following acts as a natural source of air pollution ?

18267. Higher concentration of CO2 in atmosphere

18268. Permissible safe limit (TLV) of __________ toxic gas is 100-1000 parts per million (ppm).

18269. Radioactive substances present in the polluted water stream can be removed by

18270. In the context of the chemical process industries, the term BOD is normally associated with the

18271. Noise emitted by a ventilation fan at a distance of 3 metres is about __________ decibels.

18272. Inhalation of silica dust causes a disease called

18273. Solid content in most of the domestic sewage is about __________ percent.

18274. In troposphere (the weather domain), the temperature 't' at height 'h' above the spa level in metres is given by (where, temperature at sea level is 15°C and t is in °C.)

18275. High noise level in a chemical plant can be controlled by the

18276. Limestone powder is injected during pulverised coal burning in boilers to __________ the flue gases.

18277. Main pollutants released from petroleum refineries is

18278. Maximum permissible limit of industrial noise as recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO) is __________ decibels.

18279. Which of the following is a green house gas other than CO2 ?

18280. Automobile exhaust is passed through two compartments catalytic converter employing platinum as catalyst for

18281. Lagooning process is mainly a means of the

18282. Carbon monoxide is a pollutant, which causes

18283. Pollution by particulate matter emission in the atmosphere does not take place during metal

18284. Direct reaction of unsaturated hydrocarbons with either NO or NO2 produces an eye irritating pollutant compound known as

18285. In how many weights can you measure 31 kgs of rice if you are just given one measuring weight of 1 kg?

18286. BOD of raw municipal sewage may be in the range of about __________ mg/litre.

18287. Irradiation of water by ultraviolet light of suitable wavelength is commonly used for disinfection of water in

18288. When the concentration of SO2 in air is greater than __________ ppm, it gives a pungent smell.

18289. Presence of a certain minimum quantity of flourine is desirable in potable water to prevent

18290. If Ramola ranks 14th in a class of 26,what is her rank from the last?

18291. Which of the following is not an air pollutant ?

18292. Presence of high concentration of ozone and smog in atmospheric air causes the

18293. Algae growth in water is controlled by

18294. __________ is removed from water by lime-soda process.

18295. Most of the bacteria in sewage are

18296. Which of the following is the most major constituents of air pollutants ?

18297. Shouting by a man at his full voice corresponds to a voice level of about __________ decibels.

18298. Carbonaceous particles having size less than 1 μm are called

18299. __________ substances present in sewage are removed in grit chamber during sewage treatment.

18300. The type of bacteria which is active in trickling filter during biological treatment of sewage is the __________ bacteria.

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