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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 370

18501. Superphosphate is manufactured by reacting phosphate rock with

18502. Vetrocoke solution is

18503. In calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) fertil-ser

18504. P2O5 content in triple superphosphate is about __________ percent.

18505. H3PO4 is the chemical formula of __________ phosphoric acid.

18506. Heating of orthophosphoric acid to 250°C produces

18507. Vapor phase reaction of ammonia & nitric acid to produce ammonium nitrate is termed as the __________ process.

18508. Use of catalyst is a must in the ammonia manufacture, because the reaction is reversible as well as the heat of dissociation of N2 & H2 is high. The presence of promoter along with the catalyst helps in __________ of the catalyst.

18509. Prilling tower is found in the flowsheet for the manufacture of

18510. Reaction of orthophosphoric acid with soda ash produces

18511. Urea is formed only

18512. Dehydration of ammonium carbamate (to produce urea) is a/an __________ reaction.

18513. Electric process as compared to wet process (for the manufacture of phosphoric acid)

18514. Ammonium sulphate can be produced by reacting gypsum with

18515. Nitrogenous fertiliser is required

18516. Fertiliser plant making ammonium sulphate employing gypsum-ammonia reaction (usual practice is to use ammonia and sulphuric acid) is located at

18517. Catalyst used in Haber's process for ammonia production is

18518. Sodium tri poly phosphate (STPP) is manufactured by reaction of phosphoric acid with sodium

18519. Reaction of anhydrous liquid ammonia with orthophosphoric acid produces

18520. Electric furnace method for production of phosphorous uses phosphate rock

18521. Commercial production of hydrogen for the manufacture of nitrogeneous fertilisers is done by

18522. World Consumer Day is celebrated on:

18523. Which fertiliser is made (using coke oven gas) in by products plant of an integrated steel plant ?

18524. Which of the following languages was NOT used by Gandhiji?

18525. Ammonium phosphate is a __________ fertiliser.

18526. Which vitamin is called sunshine vitamin?

18527. Maximum stability of white phosphorous is at

18528. Rice and wheat are the major--------------of India

18529. Potassic fertilisers do not promote the development of

18530. Raji has a ------------for music

18531. The optimum size of the ammonia plant is __________ tons/day.

18532. The robbers looted the bank in ------------with the watchman

18533. Main component of bone ash is

18534. Multistage operation (as in the case of catalytic oxidation of SO2) is not carried out for NH3 synthesis, because of

18535. The first Indian woman to head a missile project

18536. Myology is the study of

18537. Which of the following is the costliest method for commercial production of hydrogen for ammonia synthesis ?

18538. The Montreal Protocol 1987 was signed by two dozen countries to:

18539. In __________ converter for ammonia synthesis, the catalyst is arranged in the form of a single continuous bed.

18540. First Indian to win a medal in Badminton at the Olympics

18541. The essential ingradient of all the synthesis gas is

18542. The author of Samskara

18543. Sodium tri poly phosphate (STPP) is chemically represented as

18544. Which kingdoms are associated with the life of Buddha?

18545. A fertiliser contains 82% N2. It could be

18546. Heating of orthophosphoric acid to about 900°C, produces

18547. --------------is regarded as a universal solvent.

18548. A Sufi Guru is called a

18549. Reaction of phosphate rock with 98% H2SO4 produces

18550. The highest civilian award in India is:

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