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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 408

20401. Example of an indirectly heated furnace is

20402. Which furnace employs preheating, heating and soaking zones ?

20403. Calcination of limestone to produce lime is done in a __________ kiln.

20404. Thickness of stock does not affect the fuel economy of furnaces, if the material to be heated is of

20405. Ceramic recuperators compared to metallic recuperators for the same duty

20406. In order to maintain a reducing atmosphere in a furnace, it should have

20407. Which is the most thermally efficient furnace ?

20408. The heat recoverable from flue gases of furnaces depends on the

20409. Ceramic recuperators (made of SiC) is economical, only when used for preheating combustion air above __________ °C.

20410. Which is a continuous furnace ?

20411. Which of the following is the most suitable for preheating combustion air above 650°C ?

20412. Soaking pits are meant for heating steel

20413. The purpose of controlling the furnace atmosphere is to prevent surface attack by

20414. Thermal efficiency of a limestone calcination rotary kiln may be around __________ percent.

20415. In producer gas making furnace, steam is added along with air to mainly control the

20416. Fuel used in B.F. stove is

20417. Tunnel kilns are usually used for

20418. The thermal efficiency of a steel slab reheating furnace (walking beam type) may be about __________ percent.

20419. Higher furnace temperature can not be achieved by use of a lean fuel gas in the furnace by

20420. Temperature of a furnace fired with low calorific value fuel gas (i.e. lean gas) can be increased by

20421. Ceramic coating material for furnace refractory, which increases its emissivity and thus the radiation heat transfer rate in the furnace, comprises of

20422. In reverberatory furnace, charge is heated mainly by

20423. An example of a periodic furnace is the

20424. Ostwald charts are meant for

20425. Maximum heat transfer in high temperature furnaces is by

20426. Which of the following is a natural draft furnace ?

20427. To reduce the stack loss, heat recovery from flue gas can be done by

20428. Large tonnage of refractory bricks are dried in a

20429. Pulverised fuel fired furnaces employ __________ fuel firing.

20430. Which of the following is not a directly fired furnace ?

20431. The reason for excessive clinker formation in gas producers is the

20432. Which of the following is not an additive for flue gases from furnace to reduce its dew-point?

20433. Acid dew point temperature (ADT) of a flue gas produced by the combustion of a fuel containing 1% sulphur may be about __________ °C.

20434. Low stack loss indicates the

20435. Thermal efficiency of blast furnace stoves used for heating blast (air) may be about __________ percent.

20436. Heat transfer rate to the stock/charge in the furnace does not depend upon the

20437. Which edition of Colon Classification is considered as a freely faceted classification scheme?

20438. Power required in case of forced draught as compared to induced draught (for the same draught produced) is

20439. Means for giving direction to the circulation of gases in furnaces are

20440. The amount of combustible escaping uncon-sumed from the furnace, depends upon the

20441. __________ is an indirectly heated furnace.

20442. The thermal efficiency of an air/fuel gas preheating recuperator may be as high as __________ percent.

20443. In a muffle furnace, the muffle

20444. Which is not a hearth furnace ?

20445. An example of shaft furnace is the

20446. Which is a regenerative furnace ?

20447. Which of the following accentuates clinker-ing troubles on furnace grate burning coal?

20448. The electric furnace in which heat is produced by a combination of induced current and skin effect is called __________ furnace.

20449. Ingress of cold air in the furnaces through cracks, charging doors, openings etc.

20450. Use of pulverised coal in boilers provides

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