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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 411

20551. An improved and fuel efficient version of the pusher type reheating furnace is the __________ furnace.

20552. Cement Kiln is a

20553. In a furnace employing forced draught as compared to induced draught,

20554. Regenerators are installed in

20555. Which of the following is a heat treatment furnace ?

20556. __________ atmosphere is maintained inside an iron blast furnace.

20557. When vaporisation takes place directly at the heating surface, it is called

20558. Steam consumption in kg/hr in case of an evaporator is given by (where, C & E are capacity the economy of the evaporator respectively)

20559. Reynold's analogy states that

20560. With increase in temperature, the thermal conductivity of non-metallic amorphous solids

20561. Fourier's law applies to the heat transfer by

20562. Shell side pressure drop in a shell and tube heat exchanger does not depend upon the

20563. In the equation Q = UAΔt; Δt is

20564. With increase in porosity, the thermal conductivity of a solid substance

20565. For an ideal black body

20566. In Joule's experiment, an insulated container contains 20 kg of water initially at 25°C. It is stirred by an agitator, which is made to turn by a slowly falling body weighing 40 kg through a height of 4 m. The process is repeated 500 times. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 ms-2. Neglecting the heat capacity of agitator, the temperature of water (in °C) is

20567. Fouling factor

20568. In case of vertical tube evaporator, with increase in liquor level, the overall heat transfer co-efficient

20569. The steam ejector is used to

20570. For shell and tube heat exchanger, with increasing heat transfer area, the purchased cost per unit heat transfer area

20571. The thermal efficiency of a reversible heat engine operating between two given thermal reservoirs is 0.4. The device is used either as a refrigerator or as a heat pump between the same reservoirs. Then the coefficient of performance as a refrigerator (COP)R and the co-efficient of performance as a heat pump (COP)HP are

20572. Hot water (0.01 m3 /min) enters the tube side of a counter current shell and tube heat exchanger at 80°C and leaves at 50°C. Cold oil (0.05 m3/min) of density 800 kg/m3 and specific heat of 2 kJ/kg.K enters at 20°C. The log mean temperature difference in °C is approximately

20573. In a heat exchanger, floating head is provided to

20574. Leidenfrost point is a term concerned with the

20575. A process stream of dilute aqueous solution flowing at the rate of10 Kg.s-1 is to be heated. Steam condensate at 95°C is available for heating purpose, also at a rate of 10 Kg.s-1. A 1 - 1 shell and tube heat exchanger is available. The best arrangement is

20576. Heat produced when a steady state current, I passes through an electrical conductor having resistance, 'R' is

20577. The Remington Company of India introduced:

20578. Convective heat transfer co-efficient in case of fluid flowing in tubes is not affected by the tube length/diameter ratio, if the flow is in the __________ zone.

20579. The actual temperature drop across the heating surface in an evaporator depends on the

20580. Which of the following is not used as a medium for high temperature heating ?

20581. Presence of a non-condensing gas in a condensing vapour

20582. Kirchoff s law applies to __________ radiation.

20583. With the increase of temperature, the Col-burn jH factor

20584. In case of evaporators, liquid entrainment results primarily due to

20585. Baffles in the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger

20586. Air is to be heated by condensing steam. Two heat exchangers are available (i) a shell and tube heat exchanger and (ii) a finned tube heat exchanger. Tube side heat transfer area are equal in both the cases. The recommended arrangement is

20587. The unit of heat transfer co-efficient in SI unit is

20588. The number of kg vaporised per kg of steam fed to the evaporator is defined as

20589. The terms AND,OR,NOT used in advanced information search and retrieval are known as:

20590. Economy of a multiple effect evaporator is not influenced much by the

20591. Increasing the liquor level in the evaporator results in the

20592. The equivalent diameter for pressure drop is __________ that for heat transfer.

20593. Controlling heat transfer film co-efficient is the one, which offers __________ resistance to heat transfer.

20594. The heat flux (from outside to inside) across an insulating wall with thermal conductivity, K= 0.04 W/m.°K and thickness 0.16m is 10 W/m2. The temperature of the inside wall is - 5°C. The outside wall temperature is

20595. Thermal conductivity of a conducting solid material depends upon its

20596. Science Direct is a database owned by:

20597. The average heat transfer co-efficient for laminar film condensation on vertical surface is inversely proportional to (where, ΔT = Temperature drop across condensate film )

20598. Bulk of the convective heat transfer resistance from a hot tube surface to the fluid flowing in it, is

20599. Which of the following is concerned with both heat and mass transfer ?

20600. A backward feed multiple effect evaporator is better than forward feed for concentrating cold feed, because it provides

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