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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 435

21751. Reboiler is considered as one theoretical plate, because

21752. Mass transfer rate between two fluid phases does not necessarily depend on the __________ of the two phases.

21753. In a solution containing 0.30 Kg mole of solute and 600 kg of solvent, the molality is

21754. Fenske equation determines the

21755. The term "cooling range" in a cooling tower refers to the difference in the temperature of

21756. Which of the following is the most suitable for extraction in a system having very low density difference ?

21757. Ceramic recuperators are generally made of

21758. Hammers and railway rails are normally made of

21759. Softness of silver can be converted into hardness by alloying it with small quantity of

21760. The addition of antimony in tin-based alloys improves its

21761. The melleability of a material is the property by virtue of which it can be rolled or hammered into thin sheets. Which of the following materials has the miximum malleability ?

21762. The main purpose of galvanising iron sheets is to

21763. The impure iron (pig iron) that is tapped out from blast furnace contains about __________ percent carbon.

21764. Invar used in thermocouples is an alloy of nickel and

21765. Nickel (56%) and molybdenum (17%) alloys are called

21766. Lead pipes are not safe for carrying drinking water because water containing dissolved oxygen attacks lead thereby forming poisonous Pb (OH)2. Lead pipes are readily corroded by

21767. The distance difference between the vehicle wheel bases from one side to the other is known as

21768. Residual magnetism in steel for magnets is increased by the addition of

21769. Presence of nickel in steel improves its

21770. Cementite is

21771. Acetylene gas holder is made of

21772. Sulphur melting pit in the sulphuric acid plant is made of

21773. The hardest material just prior to diamond in Mho's scale is

21774. Percentage elongation of a material is a measure of its

21775. Chlorination of benzene is done to produce benzene hexachloride (a pesticide) in a photochemical reactor lined with

21776. Heavy duty bearings are usually made of

21777. Dielectric strength of a material is

21778. Which of the following stainless steels is non-magnetic ?

21779. 18-4-1 high speed steel contains 18%, 4% and 1% respectively of

21780. Aluminium as a material of construction suffers from the disadvantage of

21781. Babbit metal used for bearings is a____base alloy.

21782. 18/8 steel is a/an __________ stainless steel.

21783. Cast iron has very high

21784. Liquid ammonia is shipped in __________ containers.

21785. Cermets are __________ materials.

21786. Cast irons are generally specified by their

21787. Austenitic manganese steel used for making jaws of crushing machines contains about __________ percent manganese.

21788. White cast iron is not

21789. Galvanised iron is

21790. German silver used for decorative purposes contains maximum percentage of

21791. The metals occuring at the lower most position in the electromotive series

21792. German silver in an alloy of

21793. A suitable material of construction to use with fuming sulphuric acid is

21794. Which of the following crystal structures characterises the austenitic stainless steel?

21795. Caustic soda is produced in a mercury cell having anode and cathode made respectively of moving mercury and

21796. In throttle body injection system install the injector using new “O”rings lubricated or coated with

21797. Which of the following has the highest compressive strength ?

21798. Zinc is not used

21799. Refined acetic acid storage vessel are made of

21800. Addition of __________ to the steel helps in increasing the residual magnetism in steel used for making magnets.

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