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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 436

21801. Constantan is an alloy of

21802. Babbit metals used for making bearings are

21803. Pipes for bi-cycle frames are made of __________ steel.

21804. Which of the following materials may prove unsuitable for handling acetic acid (glacial & anhydrous) at 40°C ?

21805. Interchain forces are the weakest in case of

21806. __________ possesses viscoelastic properties.

21807. Steel tower used for the storage of oleum

21808. Plastics are

21809. Acetaldehyde is produced by hydration of acetylene in a sulphuric acid solution of mercuric sulphate. Hydration tower is made of

21810. Wood is corroded by

21811. Brass is an alloy of

21812. Lead

21813. The basic control device of the carborattor is

21814. Cast iron has

21815. Locomotive boiler tubes are made of __________ alloys.

21816. Slow and progressive deformation of a material with time under constant stress is called

21817. In mac pherson-strut suspension system the upper end of the strut is attached to the

21818. Which of the following mechanical properties of a material is most structure insensitive ?

21819. Mercury is transported in metal containers made of

21820. Which of the following would not be a suitable material of construction for handling aqueous hydrofluoric acid (HF) at 100°C ?

21821. Which of the following has the least carbon percentage ?

21822. The range of Mho's scale of hardness is from

21823. Which of the following pairs of elements may form an alloy ?

21824. SO3 is absorbed using H2SO4 in a

21825. Carbon percentage in medium carbon steel is around

21826. The preferred material of construction for storage tanks for 98% sulphuric acid is

21827. The fermentor used for the production of ethyl alcohol from molasses is made of

21828. Super conductors are those substances, which

21829. Cermets are used for making

21830. The formation of oxide film on a metal due to atmospheric exposure reduces its

21831. A hardened steel essentially contains

21832. Which one contains the least percentage of carbon ?

21833. Thermal shield used in high powered nuclear reactor to protect the walls of the reactor from radiation damage is made of

21834. All materials obey Hooke's law within elastic limit. When elastic limit is reached, the tensile strain

21835. Silico-manganese steels (containing 0.7% Mn, 0.5% C and 2% Si)

21836. Which of the following is not a copper based alloy with nickel ?

21837. Which of the following alloys does not contain nickel ?

21838. An elastic behaviour of materials is expressed in terms of

21839. Pure nickel is

21840. In drop forging process, the forging is done by dropping the __________ at high velocity.

21841. Which of the following is not an alloy of copper and tin ?

21842. __________ is never shipped in glass carboys.

21843. Lead is

21844. Nitriding of steel is done (in electric furnace) at __________ °C.

21845. Addition of 2% nickel in steel makes it suitable for making

21846. The softest material just next to talc in the Mhos scale is

21847. Fatigue strength of a material increases by

21848. Specify the material of construction suitable for handling concentrated HNO3 at 100°C.

21849. Aluminium storage vessel can be used to store

21850. Silicone rubber is not resistant to the corrosive action of

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