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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 437

21851. Which metal is protected by the layer of its own oxide ?

21852. Failure of a material is termed as fatigue failure, if it fails below the yield point. The resistance to fatigue failure of a material is measured by the

21853. Bog iron used for the adsorption of H2S from coke oven gas is

21854. Wrought iron is a suitable material of construction for handling __________ solutions.

21855. Steel rods are used in reinforced concrete to increase its __________ strength.

21856. Corrosion involves exchange of electrons in __________ corrosion.

21857. Straight silicon steel (containing Si from 0.5 to 5%) because of their low hysterisis loss and high magnetic permeability are used for electrical appliances. Which of the following electrical appliances made of silicon steel contains maximum percentage of silicon (about 4%) ?

21858. To change reciprocating motion to rotary motion,the engine has

21859. __________ does not contain tin as an alloying material.

21860. A metallic alloy in general as compared to their pure metal components is

21861. In the diesel engine,the air is compressed to a little as

21862. When the gear ratio through the transmission is 1:1,the transmission is in

21863. Copper is dissolved from its ore by H2SO4 in a percolation tank made of

21864. Bearings subjected to light load are made of

21865. The least count of a steel rule is

21866. The mechanical speedometer,drive gear mounted on the

21867. Ceramic materials fabrication can not be done by

21868. Which has the maximum melting point out of the following ?

21869. Cast iron is

21870. Which of the following has no effect on the carbide forming tendency in steels ?

21871. Approximate value of the modulus of elasticity for steel is about __________ x l06kg/cm2.

21872. Carbon is present in steel wholly in the

21873. Which test is conducted to know the chemical condition of the plate of a lead acid battery?

21874. In SO3 absorber (Contact Process), packing material used is of

21875. Presence of manganese in alloy steel improves its

21876. Sulphuric acid is mixed with ground phosphate rock (to produce phosphoric acid) in a steel digestor lined with

21877. A material is called 'ductile', if it can be

21878. A chemical change takes place when iron

21879. Evaporator used for concentrating tomato juice is made of

21880. High carbon steel contains more than __________ percent carbon.

21881. The main constituent of carborundum is __________ carbide.

21882. For storing water and acid free benzol, use a __________ vessel.

21883. The chlorinator used in the manufacture of DDT is made of

21884. Another name of formula wheel is known as

21885. Age hardening is concerned with

21886. Which of the following undergoes granular fracture ?

21887. Ball bearings are normally made of __________ steel.

21888. The electrical conductivity of a __________ decreases with rise in temperature.

21889. Which one occupies the lowermost position in the electromotive series of metals ?

21890. Addition of nickel to copper improves its

21891. Presence of even 0.005% of __________ in copper makes it highly brittle, rendering it useless for wire-drawing.

21892. High speed cutting tool steels contain about __________ percent of tungsten.

21893. The 'bomb' in the bomb calorimeter is made of

21894. Which of the following is produced by condensation polymerisation ?

21895. The crystal structure of most of the common metals is

21896. Telfon (PTFE) is corroded by

21897. Hastelloy C is a good material of construction in chemical process industry, since it is

21898. Mixing vessel used for the chlorination of methane to produce methyl chloride is made of

21899. The loss of strength in compression which occurs, when there is a gain of strength in tension due to over loading is called

21900. The engine valves are closed by

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