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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 438

21901. The carburetor, the fuel in the float bowl is kept at a constant level by the action of

21902. Carbon percentage is the same in cast iron and

21903. Which components help to control body roll when cornering or driving rough road

21904. Any short circuit in the armature winding tested with

21905. In order to be called steel, an alloy should have iron percentage greater than

21906. Nickel is a constituent of

21907. Soap kettle used in the production of laundry soap is made of

21908. Nickel made/clad equipments are suitable for handling

21909. Tubes of multiple effect evaporator used for concentration of sugar cane juice are made of

21910. In hot wire aneomometer used for gas flow measurement, the wire is normally made of

21911. The heat treatment process to which castings and the steel balls produced by cold heading are subjected is

21912. Mild steel is used for making

21913. Presence of 0.3 to 0.5% arsenic in copper increases its

21914. The heat treatment process applied to cold formed steel parts is

21915. The largest consumption of zinc for alloys is in the making of

21916. Plate and frame filter press is usually made of

21917. Ammonium chloride solution is stored/ treated in __________ vessels/pipes.

21918. Nickel and copper are the basic constituents of

21919. Copper has very low

21920. Hardest material so far found is

21921. Most suitable material of construction for the storage of concentrated nitric acid is

21922. The most resistant material to alkaline corrosion is

21923. Tin coating is not done by

21924. Stainless steel is not corroded by

21925. __________ is added in stainless steel to prevent inter crystal corrosion.

21926. Out of round brake drums causes the tires to wear

21927. Babbit metal is not a

21928. The primary function of lubrication is to

21929. Which of the following is the lightest of engineering metals ?

21930. Evaporators used in caustic soda recovery and production plant are made of

21931. With increase in carbide/graphite ratio in cast iron, its

21932. The fermentor used in the production of pencillin (by deep fermentation process) is made of

21933. Nickel (76%) and chromium (15%) alloys are termed as

21934. Low carbon steels are those in which carbon percentage is around

21935. White metal is an alloy of

21936. The carbonating tower used in Solvay process of soda ash manufacture is made of

21937. For platinum thermocouples, lead wires are made of

21938. High resistance electrical heating elements/wire are not made of

21939. An indication of ignition quality of a diesel fuel is given by

21940. Which one is remelted and poured into moulds to get cast iron ?

21941. Wood metal is not used for making

21942. An ideal material of construction for the storage of 50% caustic soda solution would be

21943. Which of the following is the hardest ?

21944. Which of the following alloy steels is the most suitable for making gun barrels and projectiles ?

21945. The process of heating the cold pressed metallic powder is called __________ in powder metallurgy.

21946. Sulphuric acid pickling tanks are lined with

21947. Valves in pipe size of 2" and under are normally made of

21948. Calorific value of diesel fuel is

21949. Which is an amorphous material ?

21950. In the Contact process of sulphuric acid manufacture, 98% acid cooler is made of

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