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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 450

22501. Which of the following comes in the category of primary crusher for hard and tough stone ?

22502. Crushing efficiency of a machine ranges between __________ percent.

22503. Screen capacity is expressed in terms of

22504. A screen is said to be blinded, when the

22505. What is the critical rotation speed in revolutions per second, for a ball mill of 1.2 m diameter charged with 70 mm dia balls ?

22506. Percentage of drum submerged in the slurry in case of rotary drum filter is

22507. Filter medium resistance is that offered by the

22508. In a roll crusher, both the rolls

22509. Tube mill compared to ball mill

22510. For the preliminary breaking of hard rock, we use a

22511. Filtration operation carried out by continuous increase of the inlet pressure of slurry, is called the __________ filtration.

22512. Which instrument is used to measure the speed of a running vehicle?

22513. Which of the following oxides is not present in hematite iron ore?

22514. Ribbon blenders are exclusively meant for

22515. In closed circuit grinding as compared to open circuit grinding, the

22516. Steering ratio of the steering gear is the ratio between

22517. Gelatinous solid (which plug the septum) can be filtered by a __________ filter.

22518. During the washing of cake

22519. The opening of a 200 mesh screen (Taylor series) is

22520. A gravity decanter is meant for the separation of two __________ density.

22521. The most suitable filter for the removal of very small amount of precipitate from very large volumes of water is the __________ filter.

22522. Separation of solid particles based on their densities is called

22523. Activators are those chemicals which help buoying up one mineral in preference to the other in the froth floatation process. Which of the following is an activator?

22524. __________ are mixed using ribbon blenders.

22525. During agitation of liquids, the

22526. For crushing of solids, the Rittinger's law states that the work required for crushing is proportional to

22527. In a size reduction crushing operation, feed size is 300 to 1500 mm while the product size is 100 to 300 mm. This is a case of the __________ crushing.

22528. As per Taggart's formula, the capacity (kg/hr) of Jaw & Gyratory crushers (for gapes of 10 to 60 cms) is equal to (where, L = Length of feed opening, cms S = Maximum width of discharge opening, cms )

22529. The process by which fine solids is removed from liquids is termed as

22530. Which of the following crushing laws is most accurately applicable to the fine grinding of materials ?

22531. Shell and leaf filter as compared to plate and frame filter

22532. Metallic wire mesh is used as a filtering medium for the separation of dust from dust laden gas in case of a/an

22533. Which of the following is a coarse crusher?

22534. Sorting classifiers employing differential settling methods for separation of particles make use of the differences in their

22535. Separation of particles of various sizes, shapes and densities by allowing them to settle in a fluid is called

22536. The specific cake resistance for incompressible sludges is (where ΔP = pressure drop over cake)

22537. To produce talcum powder, use

22538. Angle of nip of the crushing rolls does not depend upon the

22539. Paddle agitator

22540. The working principle of hydraulic brake system

22541. Gummy & sticky materials like molasses, sugar etc. are best transported/handled by using a __________ conveyor.

22542. Soft & non-abrasive materials can be made into fines by

22543. In constant pressure filtration,

22544. The critical speed of a trommel (N) is related to its dia (D) as

22545. Which of the following minerals is not subjected to magnetic separation method?

22546. Which of the following is not a revolving/tumbling mill used for size reduction?

22547. Which of the following achieves the least reduction ratio for a given feed size?

22548. When it is operated,which mechanism is going to off stage

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