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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 457

22851. In scott connections the teuser transformer has tapping on

22852. The line voltage of a delta-connected three-phase circuit is 415 V.The phase voltage is

22853. The most abundant isotope of natural uranium is

22854. Out of the following, nucleus of __________ atom contains the largest number of neutrons.

22855. A radioactive substance does not emit

22856. The specific heats of three gaseous coolants namely H2, He and CO2 in the increasing order are

22857. Indian monazite sand contains __________ percent thorium.

22858. To keep the frequency constant on increased loads the speed of the alternator should be

22859. Percentage of the heavy water in ordi water is around

22860. The unit of solid angle is

22861. Which of the following undergoes fission reaction easily ?

22862. Thorium-232 (a fertile material) on absorption of a neutron gets converted into __________ , which is a fissile material.

22863. Percentage of heavy water in ordinary water is around

22864. Safety rods provided in nuclear reactors to guard against accidents, in case of earthquake are made of

22865. Which of the following is not used as a moderator in nuclear reactor ?

22866. In β-decay of radioactive material, the ratio of neutron to proton

22867. When the difference between mass number and atomic number of atoms of two or more elements are same, the atoms are termed as

22868. The critical mass of a fissionable material can be reduced by

22869. Primary purpose of a __________ nuclear reactor is to supply a high neutron flux of the order of 1013 to 1014 neutrons/cm2 second.

22870. The first underground nuclear test was conducted by India at

22871. Main source of __________ is monazite sand.

22872. A radioactive isotope undergoes decay with respect to time following __________ law.

22873. Atoms of U-238 and U-235 differ in structure by three

22874. Heavy water (D2O) in a nuclear reactor serves as a

22875. Which of the following nuclear materials is fissile ?

22876. Extraction of uranium from its ore is done using __________ methods.

22877. The main ore of uranium is

22878. Function of control rod in a nuclear reactor is to control

22879. The ratio of neutrons to protons of an element having a mass number and atomic number of 80 and 40 respectively is

22880. Fast breeder reactors are most usable in India, because of our largest __________ deposits.

22881. In the nuclear reaction, 93N239 94Pu239 + ?; the missing particle is a/an

22882. What is the temperature co-efficient value of aluminium at 200Celsius?

22883. Critical energy should be __________ the neutron binding energy of the atom in order to initiate a nuclear fission.

22884. The main ore of thorium is

22885. How to increase the current range of a meter?

22886. Coolant present in the primary circuit of a pressurised water reactor is high pressure

22887. First experimental observation of nuclear fission was done by

22888. U-235 content in enriched uranium, that is normally used in power reactors (e.g., at Tarapur atomic power plant), is about __________ percent.

22889. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) located at Trombay (near Bombay) has

22890. H2 is a better coolant than CO2, due to its relatively

22891. The half life period of a radiactive element is 100 days. After 400 days, one gm of the element will be reduced to __________ gm.

22892. Nucleus of tritium has __________ neutrons.

22893. Percentage of natural uranium present in uranium ore found in Jadugoda (Jharkhand) is

22894. One ampere-hour is equal to

22895. Unit of M.M.F is

22896. Candu reactor is a __________ nuclcear reactor.

22897. Which of the following is a non-fissile material ?

22898. Use of molten metal as a coolant in fast breeder reactor helps in

22899. What is the average life of a radioactive atom having a 'half life period' of T ?

22900. Secondary cooling circuit is a must in molten sodium cooled fast breeder reactor for

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