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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 456

22801. Uranium is recovered from its ore (pitchblende) by

22802. Which of the following is the best nuclear fuel?

22803. Which type capacitor is used for starting of a single phase motor?

22804. Which of the following nuclear reactors is the most efficient thermodynamically while operating between the same temperature and pressure limits of the reactor ?

22805. Which of the following accounts for the maximum energy release in the nuclear fission process ?

22806. In a pressurised water reactor (PWR), the

22807. Liquid metal (e.g, . molten sodium) is preferred as a coolant in case of a/an __________ reactor.

22808. Coolant used in a boiling water reactor is

22809. A thermal nuclear reactor compared to a fast breeder reactor

22810. The phenomenon of nuclear fission is opposite to that of

22811. An ideal coolant for a nuclear reactor should

22812. The size of an atom is of the order of one

22813. 'Light water' used as a coolant in nuclear reactor is nothing but

22814. Isotopes of an element have different

22815. The emission of an a-particle causes the resultant nucleus to have

22816. Solar energy results from __________ reaction.

22817. In nuclear reactions, __________ number is conserved.

22818. The molecular weight of heavy water is

22819. Which of the following is not a good moderating material ?

22820. Plutonium

22821. A control rod

22822. Number of secondary neutron emitted on fission of an atom of U-235 by slow neutron bombardment is

22823. Enriched uranium means that, it contains

22824. The radioisotope used to study the thyroid gland is

22825. The mass number of an element is equal to the number of __________ in the nucleus.

22826. The half life period of a radioactive element depends upon the

22827. Fuel for a fast breeder reactor is

22828. Fast breeder test reactor at Kalpakkam is designed for using

22829. In the gaseous diffusion process of uranium enrichment, the natural uranium is converted into gaseous

22830. Nuclear reactors are provided with shield to guard against the emission of mainly __________ rays.

22831. Mass of a positron is same as that of a/an

22832. An unbalanced system of three phase voltages having RYB sequence actually consists of

22833. Transformer oil serves the functions of

22834. Radioactive decay of a material involves a __________ order reaction.

22835. Uranium ore is mined & concentrated in India at

22836. Which of the following factors is the most important in the site selection for a nuclear power plant ?

22837. A fast breeder reactor

22838. Heavy water has maximum density at __________ °C.

22839. Ceramic nuclear metals compared to solid nuclear metals have

22840. Unit of radioactivity is

22841. Which of the following reactors is operated at high neutron flux and low power level ?

22842. Uranium percentage in monazite sand is about

22843. Artificially produced radioactive isotopes are used for

22844. In a homogeneous nuclear reactor, the __________ are mixed together.

22845. Nucleus of 92U235 contains __________ protons.

22846. Which of the following radiations is the least penetrating ?

22847. β-rays emission in radioactive disintegration is always accompanied by the emission of

22848. Hydrogen differs from deuterium in __________ properties.

22849. Both tritium and deuterium have the same number of

22850. Nuclear power generation capacity in India is

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