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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 482

24101. In case of design of a shell and tube heat exchanger,

24102. In a cylinderical vessel subjected to internal pressure, the longitudinal stress σL and the circumferential stress, σn are related by

24103. Name the military operation of Israel against Gaza in 2014:

24104. Excessive liquid gradient on a tray may result in the

24105. The ratio of tube length to shell diameter in case of liquid shell and tube heat exchanger ranges from

24106. In a double pipe concentric heat exchanger, the equivalent diameter of annulus for heat transfer would be (where, D1 and D2 are I.D. of inner and outer pipes)

24107. What is the slope of the operating line in the stripping section of a distillation column ?

24108. __________ shaped roof is most commonly used for cylindrical tanks.

24109. In a thin cylindrical shell, the hoop stress is __________ stress.

24110. Commercial packed scrubbers are normally designed for a pressure drop range of __________ mm water coloumn per metre of packed height.

24111. The retention time of material in a rotary dryer depends upon its

24112. In actual operation of a bubble cap distillation tower, the __________ at the bottom of the tower is more than that at the top of the tower.

24113. Rotary driers are most economically designed for the number of heat transfer units (HTU) from

24114. The difficulty of liquid distribution in packed towers is accentuated, when the ratio of tower diameter to packing diameter is

24115. A forced circulation long tube vertical evaporator as compared to the natural circulation evaporator

24116. An increase in the liquid resistance to interphase mass transfer and a resultant reduction in plate efficiency is caused by

24117. In the design of a bag filter, the gas temperature is an important consideration, as it affects the

24118. With increase in temperature drop (in a shell and tube heat exchanger), the LMTD correction factor, FT

24119. The normal range of velocity of steam in pipes is __________ m/sec.

24120. __________ dished head is the strongest of all.

24121. The Govt.of Tamil decided to celebrate APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday as:

24122. "A claming section" before the liquid flows into the downcomer is privided to

24123. The units of Young's modulus of elasticity and __________ are the same.

24124. In the design of a shell and tube heat exchanger, the corrosion allowance

24125. Vertical condenser is advantageous to the horizontal condenser from operation point of view, when

24126. Hazards associated with the relief valve leakage for extremely hazardous material storage can be taken care of by providing

24127. Minimum baffle spacing recommended in a shell and tube heat exchanger is equal to

24128. __________ liquor is best handled in a long tube vertical evaporator.

24129. Theoretically calculated diameter of the stripping section of the continuous rectification column is __________ that of the enriching section.

24130. Hold up of material in a operating rotary drier is in the range of

24131. A binary liquid azeotropic mixture has boiling point higher than either of the components, when it shows __________ deviation from Raoult's Law.

24132. The testing pressure of storage tanks and pressure vessels designed as per Indian standard codes should be about __________ times.the design pressure.

24133. Flanges are connected to pipes by

24134. The ratio of down take area to cross-sectional area of the tube, for calendria type evaporator ranges from

24135. Shortest distance between two tubes is

24136. __________ tower is the most suitable gas-liquid contacting device involving highly corrosive fluids.

24137. At equal mass velocities, the values of film co-efficients for gases as compared to that for liquids are generally.

24138. The ratio of the largest load in a test to the original cross-sectional area of the test specimen is called the __________ stress.

24139. Baffle spacing is generally __________ the I.D. of the shell.

24140. The wall thickness of thin cylindrical shell with hemispherical ends is __________ that of the spherical ends.

24141. A 'rupture disc' is provided in chemical equipments as an accessory meant for

24142. In a vertical short tube evaporator (Calendria type), the

24143. In a multipass shell and tube heat exchanger, the problem of differential expansion between the shell and tube passes is taken care of by using a

24144. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the shortest centre to centre distance between the adjacent tubes is

24145. Any shell opening greater than 5 cms for a storage tank must be reinforced for reason of

24146. Minimum tube pitch recommended for shell and tube heat exchangers is about __________ times the outside diameter of the tube.

24147. Liquid redistribution should be done in a packed tower packed with raschig rings every 6 metres or __________ times the column diameter, whichever is lower.

24148. Slope of countercurrent flow rotary drier is in the range of __________ meter/metre.

24149. In case of saddle packing (e.g., berl and intralox saddles), the maximum size of the packing should not exceed __________ of the column diameter.

24150. Seamless pipe is made

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