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24051. In actual operation of distillation column, the vapour is not distributed uniformly among the bubble caps, primarily because of the

24052. The minimum shell thickness for tank ≤ 15 metres diameter is limited to __________ mm, for reasons of elastic stability.

24053. If 'D' is the inside diameter of the shell of a shell and tube heat exchanger, then the baffle spacing is usually in the range of

24054. Brass valves are usually made for pipe sizes __________ inches.

24055. At the following point for a given packing and set of fluids, the pressure drop per metre of packed height, with variation in fluid rates and operating pressure

24056. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, triangular pitch arrangement as compared to square pitch arrangement

24057. Pick out the wrong statement about routing of fluids in a shell and tube heat exchanger.

24058. The necessary wall thickness for a metallic storage vessel is a function of the

24059. In a multiple effect evaporator system having 'n' effects, the amount of water evaporated per unit surface area in approximately equal to __________ times that in a single effect.

24060. Which one of the following subjects is in the Concurrent List?

24061. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the design of a horizontal tube evaporator.

24062. Weep holes provided in the plates of a distillation column

24063. Steam is preferred to be used as a heating medium in heat exchangers, because of its

24064. __________ shapedroof is the most commonly used roof for cylinderical storage tanks.

24065. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to 'Horton sphere' used for the storage of liquid ammonia.

24066. Value of Peclet number = ∞, is the representative of

24067. for a Tee (used as elbow, entering branch) would be

24068. In most of the shell and tube heat exchangers, the tube pitch is generally __________ the tube diameter.

24069. In a distillation column, bubble caps are located on trays with a pitch of __________ times the outside diameter of the caps.

24070. 1.2 to 3.8 cms is the value of the

24071. Accidents in chemical plants are mostly due to

24072. For identical operating conditions, the pressure drop over __________ tray is the highest out of the following.

24073. A perforated plate has holes of diameter dn arranged in a pitch ph. Each hole has a tube of I.D. dt passing through it. The ligament efficiency is given by

24074. __________ is the determining factor for the number of bubble caps to be used per tray.

24075. Pick out the wrong statement about distillation operation

24076. Low pressure steam (with saturation temperature between 105 to 120°C) is usually used in the vacuum evaporators, which normally employ a vacuum of about __________ mm Hg (referred to a 760 mm mercury barometer).

24077. Which of the following is the best tube material from thermal conductivity point of view alone?

24078. Normal screwed fittings are used for pipes upto a diameter of __________ inches.

24079. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the clearance of the tube is generally

24080. Diameter of the seive tray column is determined by the

24081. Shortly before the general election in 1951,Dr.R.Ambedkar decide to contest the election under the banner of:

24082. Maximum acceptable total liquid gradient over a tray is about __________ mm.

24083. In case of a 'thin' pressure vessel, the ratio of its diameter to wall thickness is

24084. High pressure fluid in a shell and tube heat exchanger should preferably be routed through the

24085. Bubble cap tray is the most commonly used tray in large distillation column, because

24086. In common bubble cap distillation column design practice, riser area is approximately equal to (where, Aa = Annular passage area, and Sa = Slot area)

24087. Heat transfer co-efficient, hG(Kcal/hr.m2 .°C) and mass velocity of air, G (kg/hr.m2 ) for air flow parallel to the surface in case of constant drying rate in batch drying is related as hG = 0.0176G0.8. But when the flow of air perpendicular to the surface is encountered, this equation changes to

24088. In the agitators, the power required will be changed with the increase of diameter of agitator (D) as

24089. Apex angle of conical heads used in the bottom heads of chemical process equipments is usually

24090. Pressure drop due to pipe fittings can be estimated by the equation, , where, Le = equivalent length of straight pipeline which will incur the same frictional loss as the fitting and D = diameter of the fitting. The value of (dimensionless) for 45° elbow and 180° close return bends would be respectively around

24091. A pressure vessel is said to be made of 'thick' shell, if the ratio of its diameter to wall thickness is

24092. Rate of filtrate delivery is inversely proportional to the

24093. Tube side heat transfer co-efficient for turbulent flow of liquid through tubes is proportional to

24094. Circumferential (hoop) stress in a thin cylindrical vessel under internal pressure is __________ the longitudinal stress.

24095. The dust collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitator increases with increase in the

24096. For storing hazardous chemicals in large storage tanks, the minimum safe distance between the two tanks should range between __________ times the tank diameter.

24097. Which of the following factors determine the amount of entrainment in a distillation column ?

24098. The absorption factor is defined as (where, S1 = slope of the equilibrium curve, S2 = slope of the operating line)

24099. In shell and tube heat exchangers, straight tie rods are used to

24100. The oldest of the vedic literature is:?

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