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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 486

24301. for 90° elbow (medium radius) and 90°square elbow would be respectively around

24302. __________ heat exchanger is also known as 'hair pin type' exchanger,

24303. What is the value of 'q' for saturated vapor feed to a distillation column ?(where q = fraction of the feed stream that is liquid.)

24304. In hydrostatic testing of welded pipe (for leakage, strength etc.) the ratio of minimum hydrostatic test pressure to internal design pressure is around

24305. Frame thickness in the plate and frame filter press is normally in the range of __________ inches.

24306. Cylinderical shell thickness of rotary drier is generally __________ mm.

24307. The ratio of lateral strain to linear strain is termed as the

24308. The distance between the centre of a rivet hole to the nearest edge of the plate is called

24309. Mc Cable Thiele method used for finding theoretical stages in a distillation column assumes that the

24310. A minimum clearance of about __________ mm is maintained between the distillation column wall and the bubble cap.

24311. Indian State with Universal Public Distribution System

24312. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to shell and tube heat exchanger.

24313. Wind load consideration in the design of a support can be neglected, when the vessel is

24314. Souders Brown equation given by, , is used for the calculation of the __________ in a continuous distillation column.

24315. The ratio of volumes of the mixed reactor to the plug flow reactor (for identical feed composition, flow rate, conversion, and for all positive reaction orders) is always

24316. Steam economy is defined as the amount of evaporation per unit amount of steam used, while the capacity is the total evaporation obtained per hour. Use of multiple effect in evaporation

24317. for a Tee (used as elbow, entering run) would be around

24318. Log mean temperature difference in case of multi-pass shell and tube heat exchanger is always

24319. Practical dividing line between a ductile and brittle materials is suggested, when the ultimate elongation is about 5%. Generally, larger the knuckle radius, stronger is the corner torus section of a head. The knuckle radius provided should be less than __________ of the head.

24320. Tubes are fixed to the tube sheet (a thick circular metallic plate) by the method of tube rolling and brazing (non-removable) or ferrule connection (removable). Thickness of the tube, sheet is normally __________ the outside diameter of the tube but in no case it should be less than 22 mm (7/8").

24321. A shell may by termed as thin if its thickness to diameter ratio is less than 0.1. The factor which can be neglected in the calculation of membrane stresses is

24322. Scale up problem in design based on the similarity concept takes into account __________ similarity.

24323. __________ closure is the weakest enclosure for cylindrical vessels.

24324. Which of the following efficiencies can be greater than 100% ?

24325. Fresh water carrying pipelines in chemical industries are coloured with __________ color.

24326. Which of the following material is seldom used for pressure vessel construction ?

24327. The ratio of shear stress to shear strain is called

24328. 25 per cent cut segmental baffle means that the baffle

24329. Liquid/petroleum fuel storage tanks are built underground (as in case of petrol pumps), when the storage capacity is less than __________ kilolitres.

24330. Panel test determines the __________ of refractories.

24331. Fireclay bricks are not used in the

24332. Fusion point of a basic refractory material is

24333. RUL of refractories depends on the

24334. Which is the stable form of silica between 1470°C and the melting point 1713°C ?

24335. Resistance to slag attack of a refractory

24336. Grog

24337. Test piece for determination of RUL of a refractory is heated in a/an

24338. Magnesite refractories are used for the construction of those furnaces, which are

24339. Roof of a basic electric furnace is made of __________ bricks.

24340. Capacity of a refractory brick to withstand-sudden changes in temperature is denoted by the property called

24341. Magnesite bricks are used in those parts of furnaces, which are

24342. Which is not a basic refractory ?

24343. Thoria

24344. Which property of refractories is the most important for top section of the blast furnace?

24345. Refractoriness of a typical silica brick corresponds to Segar cone number, '32', which is equivalent to a temperature of __________ °C.

24346. Beryllia (which is used in making crucibles for melting uranium & thorium) is superior to alumina in all respects for high temperature (> 1900°C ) use, except

24347. An insulating refractory brick should have high porosity and low thermal conductivity. Which of the following is not used for inducing porosity in the insulating refractory bricks during its manufacture ?

24348. Firing of refractory brick is done to

24349. Chemically, mullite refractories is

24350. Thermal diffusivity of a refractory brick is high, when its __________ is high.

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