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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 496

24801. If 1.5 moles of oxygen combines with aluminium to form Al2O3, then the weight of aluminium (atomic weight = 27 ) used in this reaction is __________ gm.

24802. The unit of dynamic viscosity is

24803. Boiling point of a non-homogeneous mixture of immiscible liquids is __________ that of any one of its separate components.

24804. A vapor whose partial pressure is less than its equilibrium vapor pressure is called a __________ vapor.

24805. Sometimes, in chemical processes, a part of the outlet stream is rejected as waste in order to keep the impurity level in the system within limits. This phenomenon is termed as the

24806. The density of a gas at N.T.P.is 'ρ'. Keeping the pressure constant (i.e. 760 mm Hg), the 3 density of the gas will become at a temperature of __________ °K

24807. A gas occupies a volume of 283 c.c at 10°C. If it is heated to 20°C at constant pressure, the new volume of the gas will be __________ c.c.

24808. In case of a solution (not of a solid in a liquid), whose total volume is more than the sum of volumes of its components in their pure states, solubility is

24809. Met-estrous lasts for

24810. Saturated molal absolute humidity of the vapor-gas mixture depends upon the

24811. At a constant volume, for a fixed number of moles of a gas, the pressure of the gas increases with rise of temperature due to

24812. 'Cox' chart which is useful in the design of a distillation column (particularly suitable for petroleum hydrocarbons) is a plot of the

24813. In case of vapor-liquid equilibria, which of the following does not account for gas phase deviation from ideality?

24814. If the pressure of a gas is reduced to half & its absolute temperature is doubled, then the volume of the gas will

24815. The OH- concentration in a solution having pH value 3 is

24816. A solution having a pH value of 5 is less acidic than the one having a pH value of 2 by a factor of

24817. The vapor pressure of the solvent decreased by 10 mm Hg, when a non-volatile solute was added to the solvent. The mole fraction of the solute in the solution is 0.2. What should be the mole fraction of the solvent, if the decrease in vapor pressure of the solvent is required to be 20 mm Hg. ?

24818. In the reaction, represented by Na2CO3 + HC1 → NaHO3 + NaCl, the equivalent weight of Na2CO3 is

24819. The reaction A + B → C has been conducted in a reactor as shown below. The number of balances (material) that can be made around the reactor are

24820. The number of water molecules present in a drop of water weighing 0.018 gm is 6.023 x __________

24821. The density of a liquid is 1500 kg/m3. Its value in gin/litre will be equal to

24822. The heat of vaporisation __________ with increase in pressure.

24823. Which of the following expressions defines the Baume gravity scale for liquids lighter than water ?

24824. 2 litres of nitrogen at N.T.P. weighs __________ gms.

24825. Which of the following gases does not form part of the atmosphere?

24826. Cp/Cv for monoatomic gases is

24827. One of the specific gravity scales is "Brix" (used speicifically for sugar solution). It is defined as

24828. Calf should get milk at the rate of--------% of body weight.

24829. Hormones FSH and LH are secreted from

24830. Pick out the correct conversion.

24831. The maximum adiabatic flame temperature of fuels in air is __________ the maximum flame temperature in pure oxygen.

24832. Which of the following is not used for computing latent heat of vaporisation ?

24833. The reverse process of fractional crystallisation is called

24834. The unit of specific heat at constant pressure, Cp, in SI unit is

24835. Two solutions A1 and A2 have pH value of 2 and 6 respectively. It implies that the solution

24836. For water evaporating into usaturated air under adiabatic conditions and at constant pressure, the __________ remains constant throughout the period of vaporisation.

24837. The molecular velocity of a real gas is proportional to (where, T = absolute temperature of the gas).

24838. Pick out the wrong unit conversion of temperature.

24839. What is the old name of Commonwealth Games?

24840. The osmotic pressure of a solution is directly proportional to the

24841. Which of the following is not a unit of pressure?

24842. Acidity or alkanity of a solution is expressed by its pH value, which is defined as (where, [H+] = hydrogen ion concentration in the solution).

24843. Raoult's law is not applicable to the

24844. A compound was found having nitrogen and oxygen in the ratio 28 gm and 80 gm respectively. The formula of the compound is

24845. The atomic heat capacities of all solid elements __________ with decrease in temperature.

24846. Raoult's law states that 'the equilibrium vapor pressure that is exerted by a component in a solution is proportional to the mole fraction of that component'. This generalisation is based on the assumption that the

24847. °API gravity of water at N.T.P. is about

24848. One kg of saturated steam at 100°C and 1.01325 bar is contained in a rigid walled vessel. It lias a volume of 1.673 m3. It cools to 98°C ; the saturation pressure is 0.943 bar ; one kg of water vapour under these conditions has a volume of 1.789 m3. The amount of water vapour condensed (in kg) is

24849. Which of the following holds good for a solution obeying Raoult's law (i.e., an ideal solution) (where, ΔH = heat of mixing, and ΔV = volume change on mixing ) ?

24850. Which equation is not an equation of state ?

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