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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 497

24851. Number of gm moles of solute dissolved in 1 kg of solvent is called its

24852. Size range of the colloidals particles is

24853. The latent heat of vaporisation

24854. Assume that benzene is insoluble in water. The normal boiling points of benzene and water are 80.1 and 100°C respectively. At a pressure of 1 atm, the boiling point of a mixture of benzene and water is

24855. Pick out the wrong unit conversion of heat transfer co-efficient.

24856. The value of gas constant 'R' is __________ kcal/kg.mole.°C.

24857. Diffusion is that property by virtue of which a perfume bottle when opened up in a room, makes the whole room fragrant with its smell. If a perfume 'X' diffuses twice as fast as another perfume 'Y'; what is the molecular weight of 'Y', if the vapor density of gas 'X' is 2 ? Molecular weight of gas 'X' is to be assumed to be 2.

24858. Kopp's rule is helpful in finding the

24859. 1 gm mole of methane (CH4) contains

24860. Number of gm moles of solute dissolved in one litre of a solution is called its

24861. A chemical process is said to occur under unsteady state, if the

24862. 1 centipoise is equivalent to

24863. The temperature of a gas in a closed container is 27° C. If the temperature of the gas is incresed to 300° C, then the pressure exerted is

24864. Isotonic solutions must have the same

24865. The vapor pressures of benzene and toluene are 3 and 4/3 atmospheres respectively. A liquid feed of 0.4 moles of benzene and 0.6 moles of toluene is vapourised. Assuming that the products are in equilibrium, the vapor phase mole fraction of benzene is

24866. __________ kg of CaC03 on heating will give 56 kg of CaO.

24867. Enthalpy of formation of NH3 is - 46 kJ/kg mole. The enthalpy change for the gaseous reaction, 2NH3 → N2 + 3H2, is equal to __________ kJ/kg. mole.

24868. What is contained in the Tenth Schedule of the constitution?

24869. With increase in the temperature of pure (distilled) water, its

24870. Validity of the relationship, inputs = outputs, holds good for the system at steady state

24871. Which of the following is not a unit of kinematic viscosity ?

24872. 1 torr is equal to __________ mm Hg column.

24873. 1 BTU/ft3 is approximately equal to __________ kcal/m3.

24874. At 100°C, water and methylcyclohexane both have vapour pressures of 1 atm. Also at 100°C, the latent heats of vaporisation of these compounds are 40.63 kJ/mole for water and 31.55 kJ/mole for methylcyclohexane. The vapour pressure of water at 150°C is 4.69 atm. At 150°C, the vapour pressure of methylcyclohexane would be expected to be

24875. In non ruminant herbivores modification of ----helps in digestion of roughages.

24876. Which of the following ratios defines the recycle ratio in a chemical process ?

24877. NaOH contains __________ percent oxygen.

24878. Addition of a non-volatile solute to a solvent produces a __________ in its solvent.

24879. The pH value of a solution is 5.9. If the hydrogen ion concentration is decreased hundred times, the solution will be

24880. Hess's law of constant heat summation is based on conservation of mass. It deals with

24881. Percentage saturation of a vapor bearing gas is always __________ the relative saturation.

24882. Cp is expressed in S.I. unit as

24883. Total energy at a point comprises of __________ energy.

24884. Pick out the wrong unit conversion of mass transfer co-efficient.

24885. "The heat capacity of a solid compound is approximately equal to the sum of the heat capacities of the constituent elements." This is the statement of

24886. A bypass stream in a chemical process is useful, because it

24887. 1 ata is equivalent to

24888. What is the total pressure exerted by a mixture of 0.45 kg mole of benzene, 0.44 kg mole of toluene and 0.23 kg mole of o-xylene at 100°C, if their vapor pressures at 100°C are 1340, 560 and 210 mmHg respectively ?

24889. 1 kg/cm2 is equal to

24890. An azeotropic solution of two liquids has boiling point lower than either of them, when it

24891. For a given mass of a gas at constant temperature, if the volume 'V' becomes three times, then the pressure 'P' will become

24892. In intensive system of housing of cattle ideal width of manager is-------------

24893. Ideal solution is formed, when its components have zero

24894. Zinc deficiency leads to--------

24895. 'Giga' stands for

24896. The equilibria relations in a multicom-ponent and multiphase system can not be calculated with the help of the

24897. The effect of pressure on the heat capacity of the gases __________ is negligible.

24898. Colligative properties of a dilute solution are those which depend entirely upon the

24899. For an ideal solution, the total vapor pressure varies __________ with the composition(expressed as mole fraction).

24900. Digestion of carbohydrates in ruminants by microorganisms results in the formation of-------

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