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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 500

25001. Circumpolar stars

25002. By applying clockwise swing to right projector, maximum y-parallax is introduced in the model at

25003. The scale of the photography taken from a height of 300 m, with a camera of focal length 15 cm, is

25004. A nautical mile is

25005. The following points form a pair of homologous points :

25006. The latitude of the observer's position, is

25007. The moon rotates round the earth once in every

25008. The First Point of Aeries

25009. The parallax of a point on the photograph is due to

25010. A star may culminate at zenith if its declination is

25011. For adjusting a quadrilateral whose both the diagonals are observed, the equations of conditions involved, are

25012. The nearest star is so far away from the earth that the directions to it from two diametrically opposite points on the earth differs less than

25013. The station where observations are not made, but the angles at the station are used in triangulation series, is known as

25014. Spring tides are caused when

25015. Longitude of a place is the angular distance between the meridian of the place and

25016. The average eye base is assumed as

25017. Which among the following species has the highest dressing percentage?

25018. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :

25019. To obtain photographs of an area of 1000 m average elevation, on scale 1 : 30, 000, with a camera of 30 cm focal length, the flying height is

25020. If the image of a triangulation station of R.L. 500 m is 4 cm from the principal point of a vertical photo taken from an altitude of 2000 m, above datum, the height displacement will be

25021. Rotation of the camera at exposure about its vertical axis, is known as

25022. The difference of height of two points whose parallax difference is 0.8 mm on a pair of stereo pair taken from a height H is 100 m. If mean photo base is 95.2 mm, the flying height is

25023. The flying height of the camera is 1, 000 m above mean ground level, the distance of the top of a Minar from a nadir point is 10 cm and the relief displacement of Minar is 7.2 mm. The height of the Minar, is

25024. On vertical photographs, height displacement is

25025. Assuming human normal vision distance 25 cm, smallest measurable angle 20", and introcular distance 6.5 cm, the smallest depth to be discerned is

25026. The main object of the astronomer to obtain

25027. If f is the focal length of the camera lens and θ is the angle of tilt, the distance of the plumb point from the principal point will be

25028. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. High oblique photographs

25029. The altitudes of a circumpolar star at culminations are 70° and 10°, both culminations being north of zenith. The latitude of the place, is

25030. The true and mean suns occupy the same meridian at the same time on

25031. The prime vertical passes through

25032. The hormone responsible for maintaining pregnancy is--------

25033. Homologous point is

25034. The ruminant stomach compartment that squeeze out water from feed is-------

25035. The latitude of a place was obtained by subtracting the declination of a star from its zenith distance, the observed star was between

25036. If S is the sum of three angles of a spherical triangle, the spherical excess equals

25037. The want of correspondence in stereo-photographs

25038. The latitude of a place was obtained by subtracting the zenith distance of a star from its declination, the observed star was between

25039. When a star is between the pole and the horizon, the relationship between latitude (λ), zenith distance (z) and declination δ, is

25040. The distance between the minor control point and the principal point should be equal to

25041. The great circle whose plane is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the earth, is called

25042. The Polaris describes a small circle round the pole whose radius is approximately

25043. The plane at right angle to the zenith-nadir line and passing through the centre of the earth, is called

25044. The time and temperature in HTST system of pasteurization is---------

25045. If α is the observed altitude, the refraction correction in seconds, is

25046. The value of geo-centric parallax to be added to the observed altitude of sun is

25047. With standard meridian as 82° 30' E the standard time at longitude 90° E is 8 h 30 m. The local mean time at the place will be

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