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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 501

25051. A star is said to elongate

25052. According to Napier's Rules of circular parts for a right angled triangle, sine of middle part equals the product of

25053. The difference of parallax for a given difference in elevation is independent of

25054. Limiting gradient for locating the base line on evenly-sloping ground, is

25055. Polaris is usually observed for the determination of the latitude when it is

25056. Homologous points are

25057. The station pointer is generally used in

25058. The angular distance of a heavenly body from the equator, measured along its meridian, is called

25059. The length of a parallel of λ latitude between two meridians is equal to difference in logitudes multiplied by

25060. The nautical mile is the length of

25061. The meridian of a place is

25062. The negative sign is assigned to

25063. Type of placentation in sow is-------

25064. The method of surveying by triangula-tion was first introduced by the Dutchman Snell in

25065. Right ascension of a heavenly body is its equatorial angular distance measured

25066. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In a spherical triangle

25067. The great circle along which the sun appears to trace on the celestial sphere with earth as centre during the year, is called

25068. The normal longitudinal overlap is generally kept

25069. Pick up the in-correct statement from the folowing :

25070. Who is the first qualified woman football coach in India?

25071. Triangulation surveys are carried out for providing

25072. Sidereal day

25073. Pick up the correct statement for horizontal photographs.

25074. If the altitudes of a star at its upper and lower transits are 60° 30' and 19° 30' respectively, the latitude of the place, is

25075. The point on the photograph where bisector between the vertical line through optical centre of the camera lens and the plate perpendicular meets, is known as

25076. In a truly vertical photograph,

25077. 23 cm x 23 cm photographs are taken from a flying height with a camera of focal length of 3600 m and 15.23 cm respectively. A parallax difference of 0.01 mm represents

25078. Which of the following is known as side Door of Africa?

25079. A plate parallel is the line on the plane of the negative

25080. The great circle which passes through the zenith, nadir and the poles, is known as

25081. In triangulation surveys

25082. If two points differing by 1° of latitude and of the same longitude is 110 km apart on the earth, then two astronomical positions on the moon is about

25083. The distance between the projection centre and the photograph, is called

25084. The zenith is the point on the celestial sphere

25085. Equation of time which is the difference between apparent solar time and mean solar time at any instant, vanishes during one year

25086. To have greatest coverage of the area, the type of photography used, is

25087. The sidereal day is the time interval between two successive upper transits of

25088. Which among the following is a protozoal disease of poultry?

25089. Pick up the in-correct statement from the following :

25090. The declination and right ascension of the sun becomes 23° 27' N and 90° respectively on

25091. If δ is the declination of the Polaris and λ is the latitude of the place, the azimuth of the polaris, is

25092. Stellar astronomy deals with

25093. If a star whose declination is 60° N culminates at zenith, its altitude at the lower culmination, is

25094. The longitudes of two places at latitude 60° N are 93° E and 97° W. Their departure is

25095. The point at which sun's declination changes from north to south, is known as

25096. --------is an anti-sterility vitamin

25097. A star in northern sphere is said to transit

25098. In observations of equal precision, the most probable values of the observed quantities are those that render the sum of the squares of the residual errors a minimum, is the fundamental principle of

25099. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The angular distance of hevenly bodies on observer's meridian measured from the pole, is

25100. FMD vaccination campaign in Kerala is---------

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