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25101. Parallax bar measures

25102. The altitude of a heavenly body is its angular distance, measured on the vertical circle passing through the body, above

25103. In a spherical triangle ABC, right angled at C, sin b equals

25104. Heart is situated in----------cavity.

25105. In a spherical triangle ABC right angled at C, sin b equals to

25106. The slotted template method

25107. The declination and right ascension of the sun becomes 23° 27' S and 270° respectively on

25108. The product of the distances of plumb point and horizon point of a vertical photograph from its principal point, is

25109. The principal line is the line joining the principal point and

25110. Longitudes are measured from 0° to

25111. If the distance between the projectors is altered by a movement along X-axis of one projector,

25112. Rotation of the camera at exposure about horizontal axis normal to the line of flight, is known as

25113. The solar tidal force divided by lunar tidal force is

25114. At lower culmination, the pole star moves

25115. If δ is the declination of the star and φ is the latitude of the observer, then the azimuth of the star at elongation is given by

25116. The altitudes of a circumpolar star at culminations are 70° and 10°, both culminations being north of zenith. The declination of the star, is

25117. The angle between the observer's meridian and declination circle of a heavenly body, is known as

25118. As per ISI specification compounded cattle feed should contain ---------%CP

25119. For plane ground the scale of a vertical photograph will be same as that of a tiled photograph along the photo parallel through

25120. The sun's declination remains north between

25121. H is the flying height above mean ground level and f is the principal distance of a vertical photograph. The mean scale of the photographs is

25122. The time interval between successive transits of the moon, is

25123. At the first point of Aeries, the sun moves

25124. The declination and right ascension of the sun are each equal to zero on

25125. From the principal point the horizon point lies on the principal line at a distance of

25126. The polaris remains below horizon at

25127. If δ is the declination of the star and φ is the latitude of the observer then the hour angle of the star at elongation is given by

25128. At upper culmination, the pole star moves

25129. G.M.T. corresponding to given mean time, equals

25130. Choose a disease caused by virus.

25131. Latitude of the observer's position is equal to altitude of

25132. According to PFA rules butter should contain not less than ------------% fat.

25133. The altitude of a circumpolar star is maximum when it is

25134. The coverage is least if photography is

25135. The point on the celestial sphere vertically below the observer's position, is called

25136. The parallax equation is applicable to entire overlap of the photographs only if parallax is measured

25137. The stereo plotting instruments are generally manufactured on the principle of

25138. Latitude of a place is the angular distance from

25139. International date line is located along

25140. The disease in cattle due to impaired carbohydrate metabolism is---------

25141. The cryo protectant in frozen semen is-----

25142. Castrated male pig is--------

25143. In our cross breeding programme of cattle exotic inheritance is recommended to be limited to---------percentage

25144. Oxytocin is secreted from which of the following glands.

25145. The lift off distance is the distance along the centre of the runway between the starting point and

25146. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

25147. The runway orientation is made so that landing and take off are

25148. An aircraft is flying in an atmosphere of 30°C with a speed of 1260 km ph. Its speed is known as

25149. According to I.C.A.O. the slope of transitional surface at right angles to the centre line of runway, is kept

25150. The depressions and undulations in the pavement, are caused due to

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