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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 544

27201. Increase in traffic volume, due to increase in transport vehicles, is known as

27202. If R is the radius of a main curve and L is the length of the transition curve, the shift of the curve, is

27203. The weight of vehicles affects

27204. Depth of hardness of steel is increased by the addition of :

27205. Deviation of the alignment of a trace cut may be permitted in areas involving

27206. If cross slope of a country is 10% to 25%, the terrain is classified as

27207. Shoulders for high traffic volume roads, should

27208. According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference, the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting, is

27209. The absolute minimum radius of horizontal curve for a design speed 60 km ph is

27210. Volume of traffic which would immediately use a new road or an improved one when opened to traffic, is known

27211. Pearlite is a combination of:

27212. In India the modes of transportation, in the order of their importance, are

27213. On the recommendations of Indian Road Congress, the ruling gradient in plains, is

27214. The head light of vehicles should be such that its lower beam illuminates objects at

27215. The length of the side of warning sign boards of roads is

27216. A single lane carriage way whenever changes to two-lane carriage way, is affected through a taper of

27217. The wall constructed for the stability of an excavated portion of a road on the hill side, is known as

27218. Maximum number of passenger cars that can pass a given point on a road during one hour under the most ideal road way and traffic conditions, is known as

27219. Reinforcement in cement concrete slab of road pavements, is placed

27220. If d is the thickness of a concrete pavement, the equivalent radius b of resisting section for an interior loading, is

27221. According to IRC : 52-1973, for a single lane National Highway in hilly region,

27222. If x% is the gradient of an alignment and y% is the gradient after proper superelevation along a curved portion of a highway, the differential grade along the curve, is

27223. In an ideal transition curve, the radius of curvature

27224. On concrete roads, the camber generally provided, is

27225. While calculating the sight distances, the driver's eye above road surface, is assumed

27226. If the number of lanes on the carriageway of a road is more than two, the total width of lane ways is equal to 3.0 m

27227. Minimum thickness of a layer of fine sand required to cut off capillary rise of water completely, should be

27228. The art of writing of Sumerians was .........?

27229. Who amongst the following Englishmen was fellow of Gandhiji in South Africa?

27230. The desirable camber for straight cement concrete roads, is

27231. Minimum permissible speed on high speed roads, is decided on the basis of

27232. The ideal shape of a transition curve, is

27233. At a road junction, 7 cross conflict points are severe if

27234. To indicate proper control of consistency of a freshly mixed concrete for pavement construction, the slump should be between

27235. Driving vehicles on wet surfaced roads, is dangerous because it may

27236. The width of different roads as recommended in Nagpur plan by the Indian Road Conference for hilly region, is

27237. Excise Duties are taxes on?

27238. If D is the degree of a curve, the percentage reduction of gradient, is

27239. Any gradient on a road is said to be an exceptional gradient, if it is

27240. For the administration of road transport, a Motor Vehicle Act was enacted in

27241. The absolute minimum sight distance required for stopping a vehicle moving with a speed of 80 km ph, is

27242. Along high ways confirmatory route markers are generally fixed

27243. Length of vehicles does not affect

27244. Road width 8.8 m of two lane National highways or State highways in mountainous terrain

27245. Hypo eutectoid steels have carbon content:

27246. Transverse joints are provided at distances varying from

27247. If N is the algebraic difference of grades, S is the minimum sight distance in metres, the length (L) of a summit curve is

27248. All the ecosystem taken together in a geographical area form a bigger unit called?

27249. The effect of alloying zinc to copper is to:

27250. The advantage of providing superelevation on roads, is

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