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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 588

29401. If the area calculated form the plan plotted with measurements by an erroneous chain, accurate area of the plan is

29402. The sum of the interior angles of a geometrical figure laid on the surface of the earth differs from that of the corresponding plane figure only to the extent of one second for every

29403. The systematic errors which persist and have regular effects in the performance of a survey operation, are due to

29404. It θ is the probable error of an observed bearing of a line of length l, the error over the whole length of the traverse of n lines of length l is

29405. The best method of interpolation of contours, is by

29406. Pick up the correct specification of Ramsden eyepiece from the following :

29407. The conventional sign shown in below figure represents a

29408. Deviation of the actual road gradient from the proposed contou'r gradient up hill side, involves

29409. Measuring with a 30 m chain, 0.01 m too short, introduces

29410. Setting out a curve by two theodolite method, involves

29411. When the bubble of the level tube of a level, remains central

29412. We agree -----------most things

29413. The area of a plane triangle ABC, having its base AC and perpendicular height h, is

29414. The vertical angle between longitudinal axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle and a horizontal line at its pivot, is known

29415. A relatively fixed point of known elevation above datum, is called

29416. Cross hairs in surveying telescopes, are fitted

29417. Metric chains are generally available in

29418. On a diagonal scale, it is possible to read up to

29419. Plotting of inaccessible points on a plane table, is done by

29420. A dumpy level is set up with its eye-piece vertically over a peg A. The height from the top of peg A to the centre of the eye-piece is 1.540 m and the reading on peg B is 0.705 m. The level is then setup over B. The height of the eye-piece above peg B is 1.490 m and a reading on A is 2.195 m. The difference in level between A and B is

29421. Probable systematic error in precise levelling as recommended by International Geodetic Association should not exceed (where k is in kilometers.)

29422. The curve composed of two arcs of different radii having their centres on the opposite side of the curve, is known

29423. The ratio of the angles subtended at the eye, by the virtual image and the object, is known as telescope's

29424. The bubble tube is nearly filled with

29425. Simpson's rule for calculating areas states that the area enclosed by a curvilinear figure divided into an even number of strips of equal width, is equal to

29426. In a constant level tube, size of the bubble remains constant because upper wall is

29427. Prismatic compass is considered more accurate than a surveyor's compass, because

29428. In reciprocal levelling, the error which is not completely eliminated, is due to

29429. In tacheometrical observations, vertical staff holding is generally preferred to normal staffing, due to

29430. Removal of parallax, may be achieved by focussing

29431. Put the adjectives in right order.The house was-----building

29432. The direction of steepest slope on a contour, is

29433. Back bearing of a line is equal to

29434. In an internal focusing telescope

29435. The longitudinal section of the surface of bubble tube is

29436. Imaginary line passing through points having equal magnetic declination is termed as

29437. In case of reduction of levels by the height of instrument method,

29438. A theodolite is said to be in perfect adjustment if

29439. While rotating the theodolite in the horizontal plane, the bubble of the bubble tube takes up the same position in its tube, it indicates

29440. The main plate of a transit is divided into 1080 equal divisions. 60 divisions of the vernier coincide exactly with 59 divisions of the main plate. The transit can read angles accurate upto

29441. Choose the correct plural form of ‘Basis’

29442. A traverse deflection angle is

29443. While measuring a chain line between two stations A and B intervened by a raised ground

29444. The Random errors tend to accumulate proportionally to

29445. The true meridian of a place is the line in which earth's surface is intersected by a plane through

29446. The least count of a vernier scale is

29447. Which one of the following procedures for getting accurate orientation is the most distinctive feature of the art of plane tabling

29448. A clinometer is used for

29449. Diurnal variation of magnetic declination is

29450. The 'fix' of a plane table from three known points, is good, if

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