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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 589

29451. The construction of optical square is based, on the principle of optical

29452. If the smallest division of a vernier is longer than the smallest division of its primary scale, the vernier is known as

29453. Cross-staff is used for

29454. The 'point of curve' of a simple circular curve, is

29455. For orientation of a plane table with three points A, B and C, Bessel's drill is

29456. The minimum range for sliding the focusing lens in the internal focusing telescope for focusing at all distances beyond 4 m is

29457. The noun ‘SPONTANEITY’belongs to which category:

29458. The formula for the horizontal distances for inclined sights, on staff held normalis s cos θ + (f + d) cos θ ± h sin θ

29459. Ramsden eye-piece consists of

29460. The distance between steps for measuring down hill to obtain better accuracy

29461. The tangent to the liquid surface in a level tube, is parallel to the axis of the level tube at

29462. If α is the angle between the polar ray and the tangent at the point of commencement of a lemniscate curve, the equation of the curve, is

29463. Many a man--------tempted by gold

29464. Select the word which is opposite to ‘STERN’:

29465. The slope correction may be ignored if

29466. If Δ is the angle of deflection of the curve, T1 and T2 are its points of tangencies, the angle between the tangent at T1 and long chord T1 T2 will be

29467. If a tacheometer is fitted with an anal-latic lens

29468. Volume of the earth work may be calculated by

29469. Which one of the following mistakes/errors may be cumulative + or - :

29470. The orthographical projection of a traverse leg upon the reference meridian, is known as

29471. The whole circle bearing of a line is 290°. Its reduced bearing is

29472. The reduced bearing of a line is N 87° W. Its whole circle bearing is

29473. Surveys which are carried out to depict mountains, rivers, water bodies, wooded areas and other cultural details, are known as

29474. If d is the distance between equidistant odd ordinates, the Simpson's rule for the areas, is

29475. A round worm that enters man's body through the soles of the feet is?

29476. Which of the following introduces an error of about 1 in 1000 if 20 m chain is used

29477. Bangladesh emerged as a free nation in the year .........?

29478. The total change in level along the line is equal to total back sights

29479. ABCD is a rectangular plot of land. If the bearing of the side AB is 75°, the bearing of DC is

29480. Grid lines are parallel to

29481. Total latitude of a point is positive if it lies

29482. In levelling operation,

29483. The apparent error on reversal is

29484. Magnetic declination at any place

29485. Systematic errors are those errors

29486. If L is in kilometres, the curvature correction is

29487. With usual notations, the expression represents

29488. An angle of deflection right, may be directly obtained by setting the instrument to read

29489. The method of finding out the difference in elevation between two points for eliminating the effect of curvature and refraction, is

29490. Transition curves are introduced at either end of a circular curve, to obtain

29491. The horizontal angle between true meridian and magnetic meridian, is known

29492. Accuracy of elevation of various points obtained from contour map is limited to

29493. Magnetic bearing of a survey line at any place

29494. Perpendicularity of an offset may be judged by eye, if the length of the offset is

29495. A program which helps to create written documents and lets you go back and make corrections as necessary?

29496. A lemniscate curve will not be transitional throughout, if its deflection angle, is

29497. In a lemniscate curve the ratio of the angle between the tangent at the end of the polar ray and the straight, and the angle between the polar ray and the straight, is

29498. The mausoleum of Shershah is at?

29499. Ranging in chain survey means

29500. Accurate measurement of deflection angles with a transit not properly adjusted may be made by

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