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29501. If whole circle bearing of a line is 120°, its reduced bearing is

29502. Greater accuracy in linear measurements, is obtained by

29503. From any point on the surface with a given inclination

29504. Angles to a given pivot station observed from a number of traverse stations when plotted, the lines to the pivot station intersect at a common point

29505. Reduced bearing of a line is an angle between

29506. While measuring with a metallic tape of 30 m length pull should be applied

29507. A bad work man ......... with his tools.?

29508. The ratio of the linear displacement at the end of a line, subtended by an arc of one second to the length of the line, is

29509. The co-ordinate of a point measured perpendicular to the parallel, is called

29510. The magnetic meridian at any point, is the direction indicated by a freely suspended

29511. If the radius of a simple curve is 600 m, the maximum length of the chord for calculating offsets, is taken

29512. When was ILO awarded the Nobel Prize for peace?

29513. Correct distance obtained by an erroneous chain is:

29514. For preparation of a contour plan for a route survey

29515. Flint glass

29516. The zero of the graduated circle of a prismatic compass is located at

29517. A standard steel tape of length 30 m and cross-section 15 x 1.0 mm was standardised at 25°C and at 30 kg pull. While measuring a base line at the same temperature, the pull applied was 40 kg. If the modulus of elasticity of steel tape is 2.2 x 106 kg/cm2, the correction to be applied is

29518. The bearing of AB is 190° and that of CB is 260° 30'. The included angle ABC, is

29519. The power of a lens

29520. In an adjusted level, when the bubble is central, the axis of the bubble tube becomes parallel to

29521. If h is the difference in height between end points of a chain of length l, the required slope correction is

29522. The ratio of the distances at which a stated length can be distinguished by the telescope and the human eye, respectively, is called

29523. Bergchrund is a topograhical feature in

29524. To orient a plane table at a point P roughly south of the mid-point of two inaccessible conical hill stations A and B in the plains, a point C is selected in line with AB and table is oriented at C by bringing ab in line with AB. A ray is then drawn towards P and at P the table is oriented by back ray method. The orientation so obtained, is

29525. Choose the most apporpriate word:The –of a railway engine is almost deafening.

29526. Use the correct conditionals She would buy a pony,if ----enough money

29527. The chaining on sloping ground is

29528. Profile levelling is usually done for determining

29529. Find the phrase that best fits in to the blank in the sentence :The occasion ---------prompt action

29530. For indirect ranging, number of ranging rods required, is

29531. Correction per chain length of 100 links along a slope having a rise of 1 unit in n horizontal units, is

29532. The operation of resection involves the following stepsrough orientation of the plane tablethe three lines form a triangle of errordrawing lines back through the three control pointsselect a point in the triangle of error such that each ray is equally rotated either clockwise or anti clockwisethe points obtained by three rays is the correct location. The correct sequence is

29533. The ratio of the length of long chord and the tangent length of a circular curve of radius R deflecting through angle Δ, is

29534. To avoid large centering error with very short legs, observations are generally made

29535. During secular variation of magnetic meridian at different places

29536. Designation of a curve is made by :

29537. If a linear traverse follows a sharp curve round a large lake where it is difficult to have long legs, the accuracy of the traverse may be improved by

29538. Perpendicular offset from a tangent to the junction of a transition curve and circular curve is equal to

29539. Rankine's deflection angle in minutes is obtained by multiplying the length of the chord by

29540. The opposite of 'wander'.?

29541. The line of collimation method of reduction of levels, does not provide a check on

29542. If L is the specified length of a tape, L1 its actual length and S the measured distance, then, the true distance is given by the formula,

29543. The method of reversal

29544. You have to observe an included angle with better accuracy than what is achievable by a vernier, you will prefer the method of

29545. If the plane table is not horizontal in a direction at right angles to the alidade, the line of sight is parallel to the fiducial edge only for

29546. If the whole circle bearing of a line is 180°, its reduced bearing is

29547. The chord of a curve less than peg interval, is known as

29548. Mistakes which may produce a very serious effect upon the final results arise due to

29549. A well conditioned triangle has no angle less than

29550. Contour lines of different elevations can unite to form one line, only in the case of

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