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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 591

29551. The line of sight is kept as high above ground surface as possible to minimise the error in the observed angles due to

29552. The smaller horizontal angle between the true meridian and a survey line, is known

29553. The distance between terminal points computed from a subsidiary traverse run between them, is generally known, as

29554. For locating a distant object visible from two transit stations, the method usually preferred to, is

29555. Accidental or compensating errors of length L are proportional to

29556. Tacheometric formula for horizontal distances using horizontal sights can also suitable be employed for inclined sights through θ by multiplying

29557. Number of subdivisions per metre length of a levelling staff is

29558. SAN stands for................?

29559. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom:“To show the white feather”

29560. Prolongation of chain line across an obstruction in chain surveying, is done by

29561. Check lines (or proof lines) in Chain Surveying, are essentially required

29562. While measuring the distance between two points along upgrade with the help of a 20 m chain, the forward end of the chain is shifted forward through a distance

29563. Subtense tacheometry is generally preferred to if ground is

29564. For high sensivity of the bubble tube

29565. Short offsets are measured with

29566. The operation of revolving a plane table about its vertical axis so that all lines on the sheet become parallel to corresponding lines on the ground, is known

29567. There are two stations A and B. Which of the following statements is correct :

29568. Chain surveying is well adopted for

29569. In a closed traverse, sum of south latitudes exceeds the sum of north latitudes and the sum of east departures exceeds the sum of west departures, then, the closing line will lie in

29570. A sewer is laid from a manhole A to a manhole B, 250 m away along a gradient of 1 in 125. If the reduced level of the invert at A is 205.75 m and the height of the boning rod is 3 m, the reduced level of the sight rail at B, is

29571. The Huygen's telescope eye piece

29572. The first reading from a level station is

29573. The word ‘mock’ means?

29574. The length of a traverse leg may be obtained by multiplying the latitude and

29575. The boy,along with the tourists-gone

29576. An internal focussing type surveying telescope, may be focussed by the movement of

29577. is the conventional sign of

29578. In chain surveying, perpendiculars to the chain line, are set out by

29579. The difference in the lengths of an arc and its subtended chord on the earth surface for a distance of 18.2 km, is only

29580. The boundary of water of a still lake, represents

29581. Diaphragm of a surveying telescope is held inside

29582. While surveying a plot of land by plane tabling, the field observations

29583. If α and β be the elevations of two objects A and B respectively, θ be the angle observed by a sextant. The correct horizontal angle is

29584. If vertical angles of inclined sights do not exceed 10° and non-verticality of the staff remains within 1°, stadia system of tacheometric observations are made on

29585. If the length of a chain line along a slope of θ° is l, the required slope correction is

29586. The sag of 50 m tape weighing 4 kg under 5 kg tension is roughly

29587. The angle of intersection of a contour and a ridge line, is

29588. The area of any irregular figure of the plotted map is measured with

29589. is a conventional sign of

29590. Probable accidental error in precise levelling as recommended by International Geodetic Association, should not exceed (where k is in kilometers.)

29591. The curvature of the earth's surface, is taken into account only if the extent of survey is more than

29592. The slope correction for a 3° slope for a length of 100 m, is

29593. In horizontal angles, the error due to imperfect levelling of the plate bubble is

29594. Find out the passive form of:“Does she know me”?

29595. Choose the correctly spelt word:

29596. The distances AC and BC are measured from two fixed points A and B whose distance AB is known. The point C is plotted by intersection. This method is generally adopted in

29597. In a precision traverse, included angles are measured by setting the vernier

29598. Governor took oath infront of?

29599. YAWC: ŽBXD, SGQI:

29600. If the length of a transition curve to be introduced between a straight and a circular curve of radius 500 m is 90 m, the maximum perpendicular offset for the transition curve, is

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