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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 596

29801. The eccentricity (e) of a hollow circular column, external diameter 25 cm, internal diameter 15 cm for an eccentric load 100 t for non-development of tension, is

29802. If Ix and Iy are the moments of inertia of a section about X and Y axes, the polar moment of inertia of the section, is

29803. The Punjab takes its name from the tributaries of the river .........?

29804. The force in AC of the truss shown in the given figure, is

29805. For determining the force in the member AB of the truss shown in the given figure by method of sections, the section is made to pass through AB, AD and ED and the moments are taken about

29806. A composite beam is composed of two equal strips one of brass and other of steel. If the temperature is raised

29807. When I ......... my letters, I did some gardening.?

29808. The force in EC of the truss shown in the given figure, is

29809. Father of white revolution?

29810. Thc is present in:

29811. The forces acting on the bar as shown in the given figure introduce

29812. The first Indian to score a century in Test Cricket was:?

29813. Mixture exhibit negative deviation from Rault’s law”

29814. The horizontal thrust on the ends of a two hinged semicircular arch of radius R carrying

29815. By selling a fan for Rs.475, a person loses 5%. To get a gain of 5% he should sell the fan for:?

29816. The equivalent length is of a column of length L having both the ends fixed, is

29817. Mhow, where Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was born, is at present in the state of?

29818. A masonry dam (density = 20, 000 N/m3) 6 m high, one metre wide at the top and 4 m wide at the base, has vertical water face. The minimum stress at the base of the dam when the reservoir is full, will be

29819. The ratio of tangential and normal components of a stress on an inclined plane through θ° to the direction of the force, is :

29820. For calculating the allowable stress of long columns is the empirical formula, known as

29821. Name the political party launched by the Adivasi leader C. K. Janu?

29822. The ratio of crippling loads of a column having both the ends fixed to the column having both the ends hinged, is

29823. Which is the only state of India to have the common civil code?

29824. What was the most significant impact of the Industrial Revolution in Europe on India's economy?

29825. Which gas is produced when sodium reacts with cold water?

29826. Equipment used for drying milk”

29827. Kerala High Court was established on?

29828. Gradually applied static loads do not change with time their

29829. Slenderness ratio of a long column, is

29830. is the equation of Euler's crippling load if

29831. In the cable shown in the given figure, the minimum tension occurs at

29832. A shaft rotating N.R.M. under a torque T, transmits a power

29833. In the truss shown in given figure, the force in member BD is

29834. The normal and tangential components of stress on an inclined plane through θ° to the direction of the force, will be equal if θ is

29835. The Travancore Diwan who deported Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai?

29836. A steel bar 20 mm in diameter simply-supported at its ends over a total span of 40 cm carries a load at its centre. If the maximum stress induced in the bar is limited to N/mm2, the bending strain energy stored in the bar, is

29837. ‘Akasham nashtappedunna India’ is a book written by?

29838. A close coil helical spring when subjected to a moment M having its axis along the axis of the helix

29839. For beams breadth is constant,

29840. A body is said to be in equilibrium if

29841. The breaking of an organism into two or more parts are called?

29842. The force in CD of the truss shown in given figure, is

29843. Cochineal insects are used to eradicate the weed called?

29844. The ratio of the stresses produced by a suddenly applied load and by a gradually applied load on a bar, is

29845. The forces acting normally on the cross section of a bar shown in the given figure introduce

29846. In case of principal axes of a section

29847. Agent used to measure active tubular secretion is:

29848. Who is called the child of the French Revolution in the following?

29849. I will give my telephone number ......... to contact me .?

29850. The Silent Valley National Park was set up in?

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