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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 603

30151. Two springs of stiffnesses KA and KB are placed on inside the other so as to compressed by the same amount under an applied axial load. The combined stiffness of the two springs will be

30152. Where is the headquarters of NATO?

30153. At the time of initial tensioning the maximum tensile stress in tendon immediately behind the anchorage shall Not exceed

30154. The following statements relate to a laminar flow : 1. Laminar flow is rotational. 2. In laminar flow the loss of head is proportional to the square of the velocity. 3. In laminar flow the loss of head is proportional to the first power of viscosity. 4. In laminar flow the velocity is constant over the cross-section. 5. Other quantities remaining the same, increase in diameter will increase the Reynolds number in laminar flow. Of these statements :

30155. Plate load test is useful to estimate

30156. In the figure shows two blocks of equal weights designated as W1 and W2 connected together by a rod and resting on an inclined plane whose angle α can be varied. The coefficients of friction between the blocks and the surface of the plane are μ1 = 0.2 and μ2 = 0.3. The value of angle α at which the slipping will commence is given by

30157. The most suitable type of equipment for compaction of cohesive soils is

30158. Ringelmann's scale is used to

30159. Consider the following statements : 1. Obtaining reliable properties of soil is very important in geotechnical engineering. Chunk samples obtained from the field are the best for this purpose. 2. Chunk samples may easily be obtained at all depths below ground level and for all types of soils. 3. Undisturbed soil samples are enclosed in rugged containers. As such, they do not get disturbed easily during transportation and handling. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

30160. In a V-notch, an error of 1% in the measurement of head would constitute in the discharge measurement, an error of

30161. In a diamond riveting, for a plate of width land rivet diameter 'd' the efficiency of the joint is given by

30162. Shear strength of timber depends on which one of the following ?

30163. The number of independent conditions required to be satisfied for the adjustment of a braced quadrilateral in triangulation survey is

30164. In case of well foundation, grip length is defined as the

30165. The coefficient of linear expansion of granite is in the range of that of

30166. The optimistic, most likely and pessimistic time estimates of an activity are 5, 10 and 21 days respectively. What are the expected time and standard deviation respectively ?

30167. A fixed beam made of steel is shown in the figure. At collapse, the value of load P will be equal to :

30168. Consider the following statements : The use of relatively weak motor 1. will accommodate movements due to loads, cracking if any and will be distributed as thin hair cracks which are less noticeable or harmful. 2. will result in reduction of stresses due to differential expansion of masonry units. Of these statements :

30169. A stone dropped from the top of a tower is found to travel (5/9) of the height of the tower during the last second of its fall. What is the total time of fall ?

30170. Field vane shear is the appropriate field test for obtaining the shear strength of which one of the following ?

30171. A hydro-electric reservoir can supply water continuously at a rate of 100 m3/s. The head is 75 m. The theoretical power that can be developed is

30172. The structure shown in the given figure is stable if

30173. Flow happens at a critical depth of 0.5 m in a rectangular channel of 4 m width. What is the value of discharge ?

30174. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct ?

30175. A mild steel bar of square cross-section 40 mm x 40 mm is 400 mm long. It is subjected to a longitudinal tensile stress of 440 N/mm2 and lateral compressive stress is 200 N/mm2 in perpendicular directions. E = 2 x 10-5 N/mm2, μ = 0.3. What is the approximate elongation of tht bar in the longitudinal direction ?

30176. What are the values of tolerable CO concentration in residential area, for continuous exposure durations of 1 hour and 8 hours, respectively ?

30177. If the proportion of soil passing 75 micron sieve is 50% and the liquid limit and plastic limit are 40% and 20% respectively, then the group index of the soil is

30178. Which one of the following instruments can be used as a clinometer ?

30179. Consider the following statements : For the N-girder shown in the given figure, ILD for force in the member, L0U1 is obtained by 1. multiplying the ordinate of ILD for shear in the panel L0L1, by sec θ. 2. dividing the ordinate of ILD for moment at L1 by cos θ x L0L1 3. dividing the ordinate of ILD for moment at L1 by L1 U1 Of these statements :

30180. Consider the following statements : 1. In a fluid under motion, the pressure at a point is always perpendicular to the surface. 2. Pascal's law states that the pressure at a point is same in all directions. 3. Magnitude of pressure of a fluid at a point is obtained from hydrostatic law. 4. Pascal's law is applicable in the operation of a hydraulic press. Which of these statements are correct ?

30181. The process of determining the location of the station (on the map) occupied by the plane table is called as

30182. Raju takes no interest in clothes. He will wear .........?

30183. If 'A' is the angle formed by two gauge faces, the crossing number will be

30184. What is the curve resistance for a 50 tonnes train on a BG track on a 4° curve?

30185. What does high COD to BOD ratio of an organic pollutant represent ?

30186. Consider the following limitations : 1. Can be performed only on purely cohesionless soils 2. Plane of failure is predetermined 3. There is virtually no control on drainage 4. Non-uniform distribution of stresses 5. Principal stresses in the sample cannot be determined The limitations inherent in direct shear test include

30187. Let's stop and have a coffee ......... a cafe over there, look!?

30188. A symmetrical circular arch of span 25 m with a central rise of 5 is hinged at crown and springings. It carries a point load on the arch in the span between the left hinge and central hinge. If the inclination of the thrust at the right hinge is θ measured from horizontal, then what is the value of tan θ ?

30189. The combined motion of rotation and translation may be assumed to be a motion of pure rotation about some centre which goes on changing from time to time. The centre in question is known as

30190. A train is hauled by 2-8-2 locomotive with 22.5 tonnes load on each driving axle. Assuming the coefficient of rail-wheel friction to be 0.25, what would be the hauling capacity of the locomotive ?

30191. Which is the best sewer material to resist hydrogen sulphide corrosion ?

30192. A steel bar of 2 m length is fixed at both ends at 20°C. The coefficient of thermal expansion is 11 x 10-6/°C and the modulus of the elasticity is 2 x 106 kg/cm2. If the temperature is changed to 18°C, then the bar will be experience a stress of

30193. Which one of the following is not biodegradable organic matter ?

30194. A column base is subjected to moment. If the intensity of bearing pressure due to axial load is equal to stress due to the moment, then the bearing pressure between the base and the concrete is

30195. The bending moment diagram for an overhanging beam is shown in the given figure : The points of contraflexure would include

30196. A symmetric parabolic arch of span 12m and rise 4 m has hinges at springings and at the crown. What is the influence line ordinate at the location 3m from one lower hinge ?

30197. Bottom-dump wagons are suitable for handling which of the following ?

30198. In a BG railway track, the specified ruling graident is 1 in 250. The horizontal curve of 3° on a gradient of 1 in 250 will have the permissible compensated gradient of

30199. The daily cover of MSW landfills consists of which one of the following ?

30200. Which one of the following structures can be classified in a system of coplanar forces ?

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