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30751. In the cross-section of a rectangular beam, what is the ratio of the average shear stress to the maximum shear stress ?

30752. Which type of plume may occur during winter nights ?

30753. In a compaction test on a soil sample, if the compaction energy is decreased (γd = maximum dry density, OMC = optimum moisture content)

30754. A three-hinged symmetric parabolic arch is hinged at the springing and at the crown. The span and rise are 40 m and 10 m respectively. The left half of the arch is loaded with U.D.L. of 3 t/m. The horizontal thrust at the springings will be

30755. At a hydraulic jump, the depths at the two sides are 0.4 m and 1.4 m. The head loss in the jump is nearly

30756. A 12 kg mass rests on a surface for which the coefficient of friction is μ= 0.15. What is the smallest force that can give the mass acceleration of 3 m/s2 ? (Take g = 10 m/s2).

30757. Which one of the following expresses the degree of disturbance of undisturbed clay sample due to remoulding ?

30758. For strengthening a 50 m long and 5 m high straight compound wall built in brick work, which one of the following would be most suitable ?

30759. Why are tie plates provided is laced columns ?

30760. Which of the following treatments reduce salinity of water ? 1. Flocculation and sedimentation 2. Filtration 3. Reverse osomasis 4. Electrodialysis Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30761. A deposit of fine sand has a porosity 'n' and specific gravity of soil solids is G. The hydraulic gradient of the deposit to develop boiling condition of sand is given by

30762. A vertical photograph of a chimney was taken from an elevation of 500 m above M.S.L, The elevation of the base of the chimney was 250 m. If the relief displacement of the chimney was 51.4 mm and the radial distance of the image of the top of the chimney was 110 mm, the height of the chimney is

30763. A simply supported beam is subjected to an eccentric concentrated load. Where does the maximum deflection of the beam due to the applied load occur ?

30764. Which of the following factors are taken into account for estimating the runway length required for aircraft landing 1. Normal maximum temperature. 2. Air port elevation. 3. Maximum lending weight. 4. Effective runway gradient. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

30765. Two geometrically similar pumps are running at the same speed of 1000 r.p.m. and lifting water against the heads of 25 m and 16 m respectively. First pump is having an impeller diameter of 300 mm. The impeller diameter of second pump shall be

30766. Consider the following field tests : 1. Vertical pile load test 2. Cyclic pile load test 3. Lateral pile load test 4. Instrumented test pile While estimating the load carrying capacity of a pile, the tests that can be used for separating the skin resistance from point resistance, would include

30767. Consider the following statements : In water supply distribution network, 1. the grid-iron system requires more length of pipe lines and larger number of cut-off valves. 2. the design of the grid-iron system is difficult but economical. 3. employing a grid-iron system, the dead ends are completely eliminated. 4. employing a grid-iron system permits more water to be diverted towards the affected point from various directions. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

30768. The entry of foul smelling gases into the house coming from the sewers can be prevented by

30769. In the alignment of an irrigation channel wherefrom offtakes have to be provided at regular intervals, changes in the given channel parameters are made use of. The correct sequence of the decreasing order of preference of these parameters is

30770. Water is to be pumped at the rate of 0.025 m3/s from a 4 m deep ground level tank to an overhead tank. The difference in levels of the full tank levels of these tanks is 16 m. What is the approximate power required for operating a 65% efficient centrifugal pump ?

30771. If in a concrete mix the fineness modulus of coarse aggregate is 7.6, the fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.8 and the economical value of the fineness modulus of combined aggregate is 6.4, then the proportion of fine aggregate is

30772. A rectangular footing 1 m x 2 m is placed at a depth of 2 m in a saturated clay having an unconfined compressive strength of 100 kN/m2. According to Skempton, the net ultimate bearing capacity is

30773. A floating body is in stable equilibrium

30774. For three-dimensional movement of a weight, which one of the following is most suitable ?

30775. The following data pertain to a sewage sample : Initial D.O = 10 mg/l Final D.O. = 10 mg/1 Dilution to 1% The BOD of the given sewage sample is

30776. In a simply supported beam of span 'l', each end is restrained against torsion, compression flange being unrestrained. According to IS : 800, the effective length of the compression flange will be equal to

30777. Which one of the following is the correct statement ? Penetration to know bitumen grade is measured in

30778. Which one of these methods of Tunnel Construction is not suitable in rocks ?

30779. Consider the following statements regarding uniform flow in an open channel : 1. Energy grade line, water surface and bed slope are parallel to each other. 2. Froude number does not vary from section to section. 3. Velocity of water is the same at all points of the cross-section. Of these statements :

30780. For the continuous beam (EI constant) loaded as shown in the figure given, the moment at 'B' is

30781. The representative fraction means that the scale is 1 cm equal to

30782. The correct sequence of processes in a water treatment plant for rural water supply is

30783. A simply supported beam of span L carries a concentrated load W at its mid-span. If the width 'b' of the beam is constant throughout the span, then, when the permissible bending stress is 'f', the beam's mid-span depth will be

30784. Consider the following statements : 1. A recovery ratio of less than 1 implies that the soil has compressed. 2. A recovery ratio greater than 1 implies that the soil has swelled. 3. A recovery ratio of less than 1 implies that the soil has swelled. 4. A recovery ratio greater than 1 implies that the soil has compressed. Which of the following statements given above is/are correct ?

30785. The force in the member 'AB' of the truss shown in the given figure is

30786. What are the distribution factors at joint B for the members BA and BC respectively, in the figure at side ?

30787. If the gradient of a ground is -3%, that of another ground intersecting with the former is 5%, and the horizontal length of the vertical curve to be drawn is 600 m, then the vertical offset 'e' from the vertex of the vertical curve to the mid-point of the curve will be

30788. Why is super plasticizer added to concrete? 1. To reduce the quantity of mixing water. 2. To increase the consistency. 3. To reduce the quantity of cement. 4. To increase resistance to freezing and thawing. Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30789. In an aerial photo, the image of the top of a tower is found to be 10 cm from the centre of thephotograph. If the height of the tower is 100 m and the flying height of the aircraft is 1000 m above the average terrain height, then the height displacement of the image from the true position will be

30790. Which of the following are the requirements for the design of a transition curve for a highway system ? 1. Rate of change of grade 2. Rate of change of radial acceleration 3. Rate of change of super elevation 4. Rate of change of curvature Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30791. The void-pressure diagram is shown above. What is the coefficient of compressibility ?

30792. When two roads with two-lane, two-way traffic, cross at an uncontrolled intersection, the total number of potentional major conflict points would be

30793. If the load, warping and frictional stresses in a cement concrete slab are 210 N/mm2, 290 N/mm2 and 10 N/mm2 respectively, the critical combination of stresses during summer midday is

30794. From a circular plate of diameter D, whose centre is C, another circular plate of diameter AC is cut, removed and kept over CB (in the given figure). The thickness of the plate is uniform. The shift of the centroid due to this operation will be

30795. Consider the following statements : 1. Infiltration galleries are placed along the river beds at a depth of 4 to 6 m. 2. The draw-down for the infiltration galleries is more than that for radial wells. 3. Clogging of pipe pores in inflitration galleries is less than that for radial wells. 4. The cost of extracting unit volume of water is more in case of infiltration galleries as compared to radial wells. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

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