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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 616

30801. What is the actual ground area covered by a 20 cm x 20 cm size vertical aerial photograph, at an average scale of 1 cm = 200 m having 60% forward overlap and 30% side overlap ?

30802. Non-collodial liguids are :

30803. Consider the following statements with respect to tunnelling methods: 1. Full face excavation is suitable for small size tunnel of short length in compact rock. It is not suitable in urban areas. 2. Heading and Benching method is suitable for soft rock tunnelling of medium size. 3. Drift method is suitable for large tunnels in difficult or incompetent rock. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

30804. For excavating utility trenches with precise control of depth the excavation equipment used is:

30805. Sewage sickness is a term used for

30806. The sea-breeze blows during:?

30807. Consider the following statements- with reference to a continuous beam supported at A, C and E for which the shear force diagram is shown in the given figure.There is 1. a concentrated load acting at point B 2. a concentrated load acting at point D 3. a uniformly distributed load acting on the portion CE. Of these statements:

30808. A bullet of mass 0.01 kg moving with a velocity of 401 m/s strikes a block of mass 4 kg which is free to move in the direction of the bullet, and gets embedded in it. The overall loss of kinetic energy is

30809. A Treadle bar is used for

30810. A vehicle is moving up an incline when the driver applies its brakes and the vehicle retards at 0.5 m/s2. Then according to D'Alembert's principle

30811. Consider the following statements : A : The load factor for live load is greater than that for dead load. R : The live loads are more uncertain than dead loads. Of these statements :

30812. According to Boussinesq's theory, the vertical stress at a point in a semi-infinite soil mass depends upon

30813. A star is observed at its western elongation. If the latitude of place of observation is θ, the declination of star is δ, altitude of star at elongation is α, then the hour angle of star is given by

30814. For the simply supported beam in the figure, C is the centre of the span. C is also the point through which the resultant of the column load W passes. The column rests on the beam over a small length symmetrically on either side of C. What is the shearing force at C ?

30815. A 20 m chain was found to be 10 cm too long after chaining a distance of 2000 m. It was found to be 18 cm too long at the end of the day's work after chaining a total distance of 4000 m. What is the true distance if the chain was correct before the commencement of the day's work ?

30816. Timber can be made reasonably fire-resistant by

30817. A jet of water issues from a 5 cm diameter nozzle, held vertically upwards, at a velocity of 20 m/sec. If air resistance consumers 10% of the initial energy of the jet, then it would reach a height, above the nozzle, of

30818. A given material has Young's modulus E, modulus of rigidity G and Poisson's ratio of Young's modulus to modulus of rigidity of this material is,

30819. The force in the member BD of the truss shown in the given figure is

30820. Which of the following instruments have both horizon glass and index glass ? 1. Optical square 2. Line ranger 3. Box sextant 4. Pedometer Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30821. Which of the following equations are used for the derivation of the differential equation for water surface profile in open channel flow : 1. Continuity equation 2. Energy equation 3. Momentum equation Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30822. If the difference of height between two points is 1 m and the slope distance between them is 100 m, then accuracy of slope correction determination could be 1 in 1, 00, 000, provided the heights are measured with an accuracy of

30823. Which one of the following is a method of extending the length of record for a frequency curve at a station ?

30824. Consider the following statements regarding a simply supported beam subjected to a uniformly distributed load over the entire span : 1. The bending moment is maximum at the central position. 2. The shear force is zero at the central position. 3. The slope is maximum at the middle position. Of these statements :

30825. CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Service of India Ltd) was set up in?

30826. Which one of the following is not a standard spike for railways ?

30827. A column section as indicated in the given figure is loaded with a concentrated load at a point 'F' so as to produce maximum bending stress due to eccentricities about xx axis and yy axis as 5 t/m2 and 8 t/m2 respectively. If the direct stress due to loading is 15 t/m2 (compressive), then the intensity of resultant stress at the corner 'B' of the column section is

30828. A vertical gate 6 m x 6 m holds water on one side with the free surface at its top. The moment about the bottom edge of the gate of the water force will be (v is the specific weight of water)

30829. The first session of the constituent assembly was held at?

30830. An isosceles triangular plate of base 3 m and altitude 3 m is immersed vertically in an oil of specific gravity 0.8. The base of the plate coincides with the free surface of oil. The centre of pressure will lie at a distance of (from free surface)

30831. Consider the following statements regarding the swedish circle method of analysing stability of slopes : 1. It is a general method of analysing stability of slopes. 2. It satisfied only the overall moment equation of equilibirum. 3. It considers the forces action on the sides of individual slices. 4. It gives a factor of safety which are on the safeside. Of the statements :

30832. A pin-jointed truss is loaded as shown in the given figure. The force in member CE is

30833. What type of noise can be abated by providing lining on walls and ceiling with sound absorbing material?

30834. Which of the following treatment(s) will be indicated for a rural water supply from a deep groundwater source ? 1. Sedimentation. 2. Alum dosage. 3. Potassium permanganate dosing. 4. Bleaching powder application. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30835. Maximum gross take-off weight of an aircraft is

30836. For a circular column having its ends hinged, the slenderness ratio is 160. The l/d ratio of the column is

30837. A green leaf appears green because?

30838. In the PERT analysis, which one of the following is followed by the time estimate of activities and probability of either occurrance ?

30839. The cable for a prestressed concrete simply supported beam subjected to uniformly distributed load over the entire span should ideally be :

30840. The effort 'P' to be applied horizontally to pull a weight 'W' on a plane inclined at an angle α with the horizontal is given by (tan θ is the coefficient of friction)

30841. If two triangulation signals of 6.75 m height each, are to be just visible over ground mutually, what is the maximum distance between their locations on the ground surface ?

30842. The approximate proportion of dry cement mortar required for brick work is

30843. The waste stabilization ponds can be

30844. The changes that take place during the process of consolidation of a saturated clay would include

30845. Consider the following statements : 1. Water hammer can develop in an unsteady flow only. 2. Time required for rapid closure of valve is between 2 L/C and 4 L/C where L is the pipe length and C is the celerity of wave. 3. In flexible water column theory, pipe may expand and water may compress in the flow system. 4. Joukowskyhas carried out the mathematical analysis of water hammer. Which is the above statements relating to water hammer in pipes are correct ?

30846. It is required to determine by periodical soundings, the rate at which silting or scouring is taking place in a harbour. Which one of the following methods is best suited for locating the positions of the soundings?

30847. For the motion represented by the graph shown in the given figure, the numerical value of velocity , when acceleration will be

30848. A star is observed at its upper culmination when it is north of zenith. The latitude of the place of observation is 30°N and declination of the star is 50°N. The zenith distance of the star is

30849. For flow under a sluice gate where the upstream depth is 1.2 m and the depth at vena contracta is 0.3 m, the discharge per meter width would be nearly

30850. At what value of saturation does the zero air voids curve in a compaction test represent the dry density?

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