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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 622

31101. The basic action involved in sheep foot rolling is

31102. Consider the following oxides : 1. Al2O3 2. CaO 3. SiO2 The correct sequence in increasing order of their percentage in an ordinary portland cement is

31103. The modules of elasticity (E) of concrete is given by

31104. A 6 hour storm has 6 cm of rainfall and the resulting runoff was 3 cm. If φ = index remains at the same value, which one of the following is the runoff due to 12 cm of rainfall in 9 hours in the catchment?

31105. In the plot of residual chlorine versus chlorine dose applied shown in the above figure, the curve will not have any (0, 0) point because

31106. Which of the following pairs regarding the defects in timber are correctly matched ? 1. Upsets....due to overmaturity and unventilated star age of wood. 2. Fwciness....due to crushing of fibres running transversel. 3. Star shakes....radial splits widest at the circumference and diminishing towards the centre. 4. Heart shakes....cracks widest at the centre and diminishing towards the outer circumference. Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

31107. The description of solid waste collected is as follows : Night soil - 35 t Rubbish - 40 t Debris - 25 t Garbage - 40 t The organic solids in the above composition is

31108. Lacustrine soils are soils

31109. If a sluice gate produces a change in the depth of water from 3.0 m to 0.6 m, then the force on the gate is about

31110. When the bubble of a level tube was moved by 10 divisions, the change in staff intercept was 0.05 m. If the distance between the staff and the instrument was 100 m, then the senstitiveness of the bubble tube is given by

31111. Self-cleansing velocity is

31112. What is the total degree of indeterminancy, both internal and external of the plane frame ?

31113. In the design of two-way slab restrained at all edges, torsional reinforcement required is :

31114. Who said, ‘‘Liberty is my birthright’’?

31115. The length of a transition curve for a circular curve of radius 300 m and for a design speed of 15 m/s, when the rate of change of centrifugal acceleration is 0.3 m/s3 is

31116. What is the official name of the first World Cup Cricket?

31117. The rigid portal frame shown in the given figure will not have any sidesway if I1 = the moment of inertia of the column cross-section I2 = the moment of inertia of the beam cross-section

31118. Two similar round bars A and B are each 30 cm long as shown in the given figure. The ratio of the energies stored by the bars A and B, is

31119. Consider the following statements : The effect of air entrainment in concrete is to 1. increase resistance to freezing and thawing. 2. improve workability. 3. decrease strength. Which of these statements are correct ?

31120. The state of stress at a point in a stressed element is shown in the given figure. The maximum tensile stress in the element will be

31121. The shear modulus of a material is half of its Young's modulus. What is the value of its Poisson's ratio ?

31122. A saturated clay stratum of thickness 10 m, bounded on top and bottom by medium coarse sand layers, has a coefficient of consolidation of 0.002 cm2/s. If this stratum is subjected to loading, it is likely that it would undergo 50% of its primary consolidation in

31123. In a plane truss, if 'M' is the number of members, 'R' is the number of reactions and 'J' is the number of joints, then for this truss to be determinate

31124. Which one of the following methods is generally considered the best for tunnel ventilation ?

31125. A circular shaft subjected to torsion undergoes a twist of 1° in a length of 120 cm. If the maximum shear stress induced is limited to 1000 kg/cm2 and if modulus of rigidity G = 0.8 x 106 kg/cm2, then the radius of the shaft should be

31126. Which one of the following types of sleepers has the best shock absorbing capacity as well as dampening property ?

31127. Which of the following Pairs regarding explanations and the terminologies pertaining to masonry are correctly matched ? 1. Reveal....projecting stone to serve as support for joist. 2. Throating....groove provided on the underside of projecting elements likes sills. 3. Gable....triangle shaped masonry works provided at the ends of sloped roof. 4. Freeze....vertical sides of finished opening for doors and windows. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

31128. Which of the following are the purposes for use of steel bars reinforcement in cement concrete pavements ? 1. To increase the flexural strength of concrete 2. To prevent the onset of cracks 3. To allow wider spacing of joints. Select the correct answer using the code given below :

31129. One of the magnificent Hindu shrines, the Hazara temple was built during the reign of?

31130. The following readings were taken with a Dumpy level and a 4 m levelling staff on a continuously sloping ground at 30 m intervals : 0.680 m, 1.455 m, 1.855 m, 2.330 m, 2.885 m, 3.380 m, 1.055 m. The R.L. of the fourth point was calculated to be 79.100 m. The R.L. of the point that was read 0.680 m is

31131. Consider the following statements : 1. In the laboratory consolidation test, initial compression is the result of displacement of soil particles. 2. Primary consolidation is due to dissipation of pore water pressure. 3. Secondary compression starts after complete dissipation of pore water pressure. 4. Primary consolidation and secondary compression occur simultaneously. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

31132. Name the country which is the biggest consumer of gold?

31133. Penicillin is produced from?

31134. For complete hydration of cement the W/C ratio needed is

31135. A hollow circular column at internal diameter 'd' and external diameter '1.5 d' is subjected to compressive load. The maximum distance of the point of application of load from the centre for no tension is

31136. Consider the following statements : 1. Alum coagulation decreases the alkalinity of water. 2. Alum coagulation increases permanent hardness of water. 3. Alum coagulation decreases pH of water. 4. Alum coagulation produces aluminium hydroxide flocks in the flocculation process. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

31137. A seamless pipe with 80 cm diameter carries a fluid under a pressure of 2 N/mm2. If the permissible tensile stress is 100 N/mm2, the minimum required thickness of the pipe is

31138. The force acting on unit area?

31139. A beam carries a uniformly distributed load throughout its length. In which of the following configurations will the strain energy be maximum ?

31140. If carbon monoxide is released at the rate of 0.03 m3/min from a gasolene engine and 50 ppm is the threshold limit for an 8-hour exposure, the quantity of air which dilutes the contaminant to a safe level will be

31141. Consider the following factors : 1. Provision of a suitable slope to the top of the sill. 2. Proper throating of the sill to throw off the water outside. 3. Giving a projection of not less than 50 mm to the sill. 4. Providing damp-proof course below the sill to check the entry of moisture inside the main wall. Those considered while constructing a brick sill would include

31142. Due to horizontal pull of 60 kN at C, what is the force induced in the member AB?

31143. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) is a :

31144. Consider the following statements : 1. Masonry in rich cement mortar though having good strength with high shrinkage is much liable for surface cracks. 2. Lime mortar possesses poor workability and poor water retentivity and also suffers high shrinkage. 3. Masonry in lime mortar has better resistance against rain penetration and is less liable to crack when compared to masonry in cement mortar. Which of these statements are correct ?

31145. For a given stress, the ratio of the moment of resistance of a beam of square section when placed with one diagonal horizontal to the moment of resistance of the same beam when placed with two sides horizontal will be

31146. A water jet 0.02 m2 in area has a velocity of 15 m/s. If the jet impinges normally on a plate which is moving at a velocity 5 m/s in the direction of the jet, what is the force on the plate due to this impact ? (Density = 1000 kg/m3)

31147. Which one of the following would help prevent the escape of foul sewer gases from a water closet ?

31148. The beam shown in the given figure has a design bending moment value of

31149. Length of line measured with a 20 m chain was found to be 634.4 m. If the chain was 5 cm too long, throughout the measurement, then the true length of the line is

31150. What does the Williot-Morr diagram yield ?

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