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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 621

31051. What is the magnitude of the force in the member BD in the figure given above ?

31052. Consider the following statements : Cement concrete is a/an : 1. Elastic material. 2. Visco-elastic material. 3. Visco-plastic material. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

31053. Water present in an artesian aquifer is usually

31054. What is the shape of influence line diagram for the maximum bending moment in respect of a simply supported beam ?

31055. Consider the following statements about a hydraulic ram : 1. Hydraulic ram does not need external power. 2. It works on the fundamental principle of water hammer. 3. The efficiency of a hydraulic ram is only of the order of 8 to 10%. 4. It can be termed as a low, intermittent discharge low-head pumping installation. Which of these statements are correct ?

31056. Which of the following are the purposes of a groyne as a river training structure ? 1. It contracts a river channel to improve its depth. 2. It protects the river bank. 3. It does not allow silt to deposit in the vicinity. 4. It trains the flow along a certain course. Select the correct answer using the code given below :

31057. What is the permissible tensile stress is bolts used for column bases ?(Where fy is the yield stress of the steel)

31058. King closers are related to

31059. The area of a plot is to be determined using Simpson's rule. The following offsets were taken to a boundary from points along a chain line all measurements being in metres 12, 15, 22, 29, 36, 38, 31, 22, 17.There were taken at 100 m intervals. Consider the following steps in this regard. 1. 2. Sum of the odd ordinates = 22 + 36 + 1 = 89 3. Sum of the even ordinates = 15 + 29 + 38 + 22 = 104 4. 12 + 17 = 39 5. Area = 100 (19.5 + 89 + 104) 6. Area = (39 + 2 x 89 + 4 x 104) 7. Area 100 x 19.5 (104 - 89) The area of the plot can be determined by using the steps listed above :

31060. At a cross-section of a beam, the maximum compressive stress at top is 800 kg/cm2 and its maximum tensile stress at bottom is 200 kg/cm2. The depth of cross-section is 10 cm. The depth of the neutral axis from the top of the section is n. The n is equal to

31061. A buttress in a wall is intended to provide

31062. A shaft turns at 150 rpm under a torque of 1500 Nm. Power transmitted is

31063. Consider the following factors : 1. Initial prestress 2. Losses in prestress 3. Depth of cable from extreme compression fibre. Those which affect the ultimate moment capacity of a prestressed concrete beam would include

31064. If the stream function is ψ = 2 xy, then the velocity at a point (1, 2) is equal to

31065. The cantilever frame shown in the given figure is supported by vertical links at B and C and carries loads as shown. The force in the bar AE is

31066. Two piles, one a bored cast-in-situ pile and another a precast driven pile, both of same length and diameter are constructed in a loose sand deposit. If the bearing capacity of the bored pile is Q1, and that of the precast driven pile is Q2, then which of the following is correct ?

31067. Two perfectly elastic spheres of equal mass moving in the same direction with their velocities in the ratio 2 : 1 have an impact. After the impact, the two spheres will

31068. For the design of a simply supported RCC T-beam, the ratio of the effective span to the overall depth of the beam should not exceed

31069. The typical density in kg/cm (in situ) of well-compacted municipal solid waste in landfill is in the range of

31070. What is the y-coordinate of the centroid of the area ABCDE shown in the figure given aside ?

31071. In a plate load test on sandy soil, the test plate of 60 cm x 60 cm undergoes a settlement of 5 mm at a pressure of 12 x 104 N/m2. What will be the expected settlement of 3 m x 3 m footing under same pressure ?

31072. A bar 4 cm in diameter is subjected to an axial load of 41. The extension of the bar over a gauge length of 20 cm is 0.03 cm. The decrease in diameter is 0.0018 cm. The Poisson's ratio is

31073. The kinetic energy in Nm of a circular disc of 20 m diameter and 10 cm thick, of material weighing 100 kg/m3, rotating above an axis through its centre at right angles to its place and making 2000 rpm is

31074. The upper limit of area ratio for which the amount of disturbance of soil sample can be considered to be small is

31075. For the beam shown in figure, what are the distribution factors at joint B ?

31076. Consider the following statements : The daily per capita consumption of water apparently increases with 1. higher standard of living of people. 2. availability of sewerage in the city. 3. metered water supply. 4. wholesome and potable quality of water. Which of these statements are correct ?

31077. A river model is constructed to a horizontal scale of 1:1000 and a vertical scale of 1:100. A model discharge in the prototype, of what magnitude ?

31078. If a 30 m length can be taped with a precision of ± 0.01 m, then the standard error of measuring 1.08 km with the same precision will be

31079. a grit chamber of dimensions 12.0 m x 1.50 x 800 m liquid depth has a flow of 720 m3/hr. Its surface loading rate and detention time are, respectively,

31080. In signals system design of Railways the distance at which the outer signal is to be placed is decided on basis of the

31081. Which one of the following is the best method for the stabilization of the clayey subgrade in water-logged area ?

31082. The stress distribution at a depth beneath a loaded area is determined using Newmark's influence chart which indicates an influence value of 0.005. The number of segments covered by the loaded area in the chart is 20 and the intensity of loading on the area is 10 T/m2. The intensity of stress distribution at that depth is

31083. The German ruler during the Second World War was:?

31084. The adjoining figures show funicular diagram and polar diagram for a beam subjected to vertical forces. x is the distance of the pole from the vector line. If x is doubled, then the ordinate in the funicular diagram will be

31085. In a cohesionless soil deposit having a unit weight of 1.5 t/m3and an angle of internal friction of 30° the active and passivelateral earth pressure intensities (in t/m2) at a depth of 10 m will, respectively, be

31086. A three-hinged loaded semicircular arch ACB is shown in the figure given. What is the shearing force at the hinge C ?

31087. A clay sample has a void ratio of 0.50 in dry state and specific gravity of solids = 2.70. Its shrinkage limit will be

31088. A catchment has an area of 150 hectares and a run-off/rainfall ratio of 0.40. If due to 10 cm rainfall over the catchment, a stream flow at the catchment outlet lasts for 10 hours, what is the average stream flow in the period ?

31089. The head loss in a pipe of diameter d, carrying oil at a flow rate Q over a distance l is h. The pipe is replaced by another with half the diameter, all other things remaining the same. The head loss in this case will be

31090. A very tiny sphere is settling down in a viscous liquid at Reynolds number = 0.2. Its drag coefficient is equal to

31091. An ascending gradient of 1 in 100 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 50, The length of summit curve required to provide overtaking sight distance of 500 m will be

31092. In a situation where torsion is dominant, which one of the following is the desirable section ?

31093. Consider the following statements : (a) Setting and hardening of cement takes place after the addition of water. (b) Water causes hydration and hydrolysis of the constituent compounds of cement which act as binders Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

31094. The effective length of the member shown in the given figure is equal to

31095. A surface longitudinally centered on the extended runway centre line and extending outward and upward from each end of the primary surface is known as

31096. A flownet for an earth dam on impervious foundation consists of 4 flow channels and 15 equipotential drops. The full reservoir level is 15 m above the downstream horizontal filter. Given that horizontal permeability is 9 x 10-6 m/s and vertical permeability is 1 x 10-6 m/s, the quantity of seepage through the dam will be

31097. Which of the following are the disadvantages of non-tilting type concrete mixers ? 1. They are not favoured when large sized aggregates are used. 2. Mixing of the concrete occurs through both rolling and pulling from buckets. 3. Content of fines is increased. 4. They are not easy to clean. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

31098. Which of the following country is not a member of G-8?

31099. Which of the following factors have to be considered for the design of the flexible pavement for a highway ? 1. Design wheel load 2. Strength of pavement component material 3. Expansion joints 4. Climatic factors Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

31100. For practically impervious type of soil, the coefficient of permeability is determined using

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