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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 620

31001. The area between the two isohytes 45 cm and 55 cm is 100 km2, and that between 55 cm and 65 cm is 150 km2. What is the average depth of annual precipitation over the basin of 250 km2 ?

31002. In a design of storm sewers, if the time taken by rain-water to flow from the farthest point of the watershed to the sewer inlet is 'ti' and the time of flow of water from the sewer inlet to the point in the sewer that is under consideration is 'tf', then the time of concentration will be

31003. End A of the beam AB shown in the figure is on rollers and end B is hinged. C and D are the points on normals drawn at A and B to the beam at A and B respectively. To determine for reactions, funicular polygon must start at

31004. Which one of the following statements is correct ? Cant deficiency is the difference between

31005. Consider the following statements related to interchanges: 1. In diamond interchange there is the possibility of illegal wrong-way turns. 2. Diamond interchange is far superior to cloverleaf design. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

31006. The frame shown is redundant to

31007. Two pipe systems in series are said to be equivalent when

31008. A summit curve is formed at the intersection of a 3% upgrade and a 5% downgrade. What is the length of the summit curve in order to provide a stopping distance of 128 m ?

31009. Two spheres of mass 15 kg and 20 kg, move along a straight line in the same direction with velocities of 20 m/s and 5 m/s, respectively. If the coefficient of restitution is 0.7, then the velocity of the 15 kg mass after collision will be

31010. What is the effective net width of plate shown in the given sketch, for carrying tension ?

31011. In a project, the contractor is paid on the basis of the running bill for a month. The rate contract for concreting is Rs. 1000/m3 of concrete. The consumption of number of cement of bags of weight 50 kg is 527. The mix proportion for the concrete is 1: 1.4 : 2.75 with W/C ratio of 0.52. The approximate billing amount of the month will be

31012. Sodium metal is kept under?

31013. A hollow cylinder made of wood (sp. gr. = 0.8) has an external diameter of 1.0 m and an interal diameter of 0.6 m. It floats in water with its axis vertical and is in stable equilibrium. This is possible only when the length of the cylinder is equal to or less than

31014. In a fillet weld the weakest section is the

31015. A beam ABC is simply-supported at A and B with an overhang BC as shown in the given figure. It carries loads as shown in the figure. If both the reactions are equal then W will be equal to

31016. Which one of the following is the correct statement ? Smaller size of aggregates in a concrete mix :

31017. If Δ p is increment ofpressure on a normally consolidated saturated soil mass, as per Terzaghi's theory at the instant of application of pressure increment i.e. when time t = 0, what is the pore pressure developed in the soil mass ?

31018. A normally consolidated clay layer settles by 25 mm when the effective stress is increased from 15 kPa to 30 kPa. If the effective stress is later increased further from 30 kPa to 60 kPa, then the additional settlement would be

31019. Assuming the safe stopping sight distance to be 80 m on a flat highway section and with a setback distance of 10 m, what would be the radius of the negotiable horizontal curve ?

31020. What is the time by which the completion of an activity can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities, called ?

31021. Which one of the following is the angular distance between the observer's meridian and the vertical circle passing through a star measured along the celestial horizon ?

31022. Consider the following statements regarding the phenomenon of bulking of sand : 1. It is due to film of water around sand particles. 2. It is due to capillary action. 3. It is more in finer sands. Which of the following statements given above is/are correct ?

31023. The magnitude of acceleration is given by the

31024. A 100 m tape is held 1 m out of line. The true length is

31025. Which one of the following types of settling phenomenon can be analysed by the classic sedimentation laws of Newton and Stokes ?

31026. Window sills in residential houses are normally kept at

31027. Lime stabilisation method is particularly suitably and has been found successful in stabilising

31028. The optimistic, most likely and pessimistic time estimates of an activity are 5, 10 and 21 days respectively. What are the expected time and standard deviation ?

31029. What is the minimum number of longitudinal bars provided in a reinforced concrete column of circular cross section?

31030. The odour of drying paint or varnish is derived from which of the following chemical compounds?

31031. D'Alembert's principle

31032. For sampling saturated sands and other soft and wet soils satisfactorily, the most suitable soil sampler is

31033. A 30 cm diameter friction pile is embedded 10 m into a homogeneous consolidated deposit. Unit adhesion developed between clay and pile shaft is 4 t/m2 and adhesion factor is 0.7. The safe load for factor of safety 2.5 will be

31034. Consider the following statements : 1. Point of contraflexure is the point where the bending moment is maximum. 2. Point of cantraflexure is the point where the bending moment changes sign. 3. Point of contraflexure is the point where the shear force is zero. Which of these statements is/are correct ?

31035. What is the significant purpose of monitoring a project through its implementation phase ?

31036. The yield of a well depends upon

31037. 'The boy was crying. Someone had beaten him' (use 'as if')?

31038. Consider the following statements relating to compressible flow : 1. In a contracting conduit, sonic velocity is reached in the minimum cross-sectional area. 2. In a contracting conduit, supersonic velocities are reached only in the expanding section downstream from the minimum section. 3. An expansion shockwave is physically possible and can be exhibited. 4. In the Laval nozzle it is possible to obtain a velocity greater than the velocity of sound in the expanding section of nozzle. Of these statements :

31039. Consider the following factors : 1. Elevation 2. Temperature 3. Gradient 4. Trip length. For finding the runway length, which of these are taken into reckoning ?

31040. Which one of the following is the reaction of the cantilever at B as shown in the figure ?

31041. If a road surface is adequately superelevated on horizontal curve, which one of the following is the proper distribution of pressure on the vehicle wheels ?

31042. The role of superplasticizer in a cement paste is to

31043. For stability analysis of slopes of purely cohesive soils, the critical centre is taken to lie at the intersection of

31044. A prismatic bar of uniform cross-sectional area of 5 cm2 is subjected to axial loads as shown in the given figure. Portion BC is subjected to an axial stress of

31045. Which one of the following methods would give accurate results in determining the direction of the observer's meridian ?

31046. In a truss work as shown in the figure given above, what is the force induced in the member DE ?

31047. The process by which a mass of saturated soil is caused by external forces to suddenly lose its shear strength and to behave as a fluid is called

31048. In steady laminar flow of a liquid through a circular pipe of internal diameter D, carrying a constant discharge, the hydraulic gradient is inversely proportional to

31049. A pipe line, 2000 m long, carries water. Velocity of propagation of pressure wave is 1000 m/s. If the valve at the low stream end is instantaneously closed at time, t = 0, negative water hammer pressure at the valve will last for

31050. Consider the following statements related to triaxial test : 1. Failure occurs along pre-determined plane. 2. Intermediate and minor principal stresses are equal. 3. Volume changes can be measured. 4. Field conditions can be simulated. Of these statements :

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