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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 619

30951. As the elevation increases, the runways length has to be changed at what rate ?

30952. Which one of the following statements is correct ? In a plane truss, influence line values

30953. In a 4 m wide rectangular channel with 0.8 m depth of flow, a sharp-crested weir of 2.5 m length with its sill 0.3 m above the channel bed is fixed symmetrically across the width of the channel. Taking the flow to be free but with end contractions, what would be the discharge neglecting approach velocity effect? (Take Cd = 0.625)

30954. A structural member carrying a pull of 700 kN is connected to a gusset plate using rivets. If the pulls required to shear the rivet, to crush the rivet and to tear the plate per pitch length are respectively 60 kN, 35 kN and 70 kN, then the number of rivets required will be

30955. In the cantilever truss shown in the given figure, the reaction at A is

30956. The degree of indeterminacy of the beam given in the given figure is

30957. A torsion member is fabricated from two concentric thin tubes. At the ends, the tubes are welded to rigid discs so that both the tubes are twisted as a unit. The radius of the outer tube is 2r and that of the inner tube is r. If the shear stresses developed in the outer tube is τ, then the shear stress in the inner tube will be.

30958. A mild steel flat of width 120 mm and thickness 10 mm is bent into an arc of a circle of radius 10 m by applying a pure moment 'M' If E is 2 x 105 N/mm2, then the magnitude of the pure moment 'M' will be

30959. The deflection at the free end of a uniformly loaded cantilever of length 1 m is 7.5 mm. What is the slope at the free end ?

30960. What will be the curve lead for a 1 in 8 1/2 turnout taking off from a straight broad gauge track?

30961. A timber beam of 100 mm width and 200 mm depth is reinforced with two steel plates of 100 mm width and 5 mm thickness as shown in figures. Which one of the following statements is correct for the same value of bending stress in the timber ?

30962. The following statements relate to the pressure exerted by a fluid on a Submerged curved surface : 1. The vertical component of hydrostatic force acting on a submerged curved surface acts through the centre of volume of the fluid directly above the submerged area. 2. The horizontal component of the force acting on a curved surface is the hydrostatic force acting on the vertical projection of the curved surface. 3. The resultant force on a curved surface acts on the bottom of th6 curved surface. Of these statements :

30963. The lost time due to starting delay on a traffic signal is noted to be 3s, the actual green time is 25s and yellow time is 3s. How much is the effective green time ?

30964. Consider the following locations of a turnout: 1. Tongue rail 2. Lead rail 3. Toe of switch 4. Crossing. Which is the correct sequence for a train to pass over the turnout from the facing direction?

30965. Given that Plasticity Index (PI) of local soil = 15 and PI of sand = zero, for a desired PJ of 6, the percentage of sand in the mix should be

30966. Two closely-coiled springs A and B of the same material, same wire and same number of turns are subjected to an axial load of W. The mean diameter of spring A is half that of spring B. The ratio of deflection of spring B to that of spring A will be

30967. What are leaping weirs ?

30968. Why are gate valves provided in distribution system ?

30969. While designing the superelevation of a highway, its maximum value is fixed considering the need to

30970. The map projection in which the angle between any pair of short lines is represented correctly is called

30971. At a Tee-Junction between a lVa brick wall and a 1 brick wall, one uses a

30972. A symmetrical three-hinged parabolic arch of span L and rise h is hinged at springings and crown. It is subjected to a. U.d.l. W throughout the span. Which the banding moment at a section L/4 from the left support.

30973. Sheep-foot rollers are recommended for compacting

30974. The portal frame shown in the given figure is statically indeterminate to the

30975. A fixed beam and a simply supported beam having same span and develop same maximum bending moment due to uniformly distributed load on entire span. What is the ratio of uniformly distributed load on fixed beam to that on simply supported beam ?

30976. Which one of the following method is employed to manufacture pre-stressed concrete sleepers for the railways ?

30977. What is the BOD5 at 20°C of a waste that yields an oxygen consumption of 2 mg/l from a 0.5% diluted sample ?

30978. The given figure shows roughly, the daily mass curves of supply to and demand from an elevated service reservoir (ESR). The minimum required capacity of the reservoir is given by

30979. Stresses obtained from Boussinesq's theory are considered reasonably satisfactory in foundation engineering because:

30980. A septic tank of 7 m3 in volume serves for 5 people. If the rate of accumulation of sludge is 70 litres per capita per year and sludge is removed when it occupies 50% of its volume, what is the cleaning interval of septic tank ?

30981. The load carrying capacity of an individual friction pile is 200 kN. What is the total load carrying capacity of a group of 9 such piles with group efficiency factor of 0.8 ?

30982. In which one of the following zones is a logarithmic spiral shape of failure surface assumed in the case of bearing capacity analysis of C-φ soils ?

30983. The optimum number of revolutions over which concrete is required to be mixed in a mixer machine, is

30984. A model of a weir made to a horizontal scale of 1/40 and vertical scale of 1/9 discharges 1 litre/sec. Then the discharge in the prototype is estimated as

30985. Which one of the following statements is the correct description of the structure of fibre board ?

30986. What is the normal depth in a wide rectangular channel carrying 0.5 m3/s discharge at a bed slope of 0.0004 and Manning's n = 0.01 ?

30987. The best design of an arch dam is when

30988. Which one of the following is the appropriate field test for estimating the angle of shearing resistance φ of a sand deposit ?

30989. In setting out a long straight line for the position of transmission towers, it is recommended that the forward point be set out with face-right and face-lett with reference to preceding point and the mean position taken. This field procedure eliminates instruments error where the

30990. Which one of following is not correct for container ports ?

30991. There are ten instrument staions occupied in succession during a traverse survey. An observer makes equal error in each station, the magnitude of which is δ θ in each instance at all the stations. What is the probable error of the final bearing at the end of the traverse ?

30992. At a certain station, the mean of the average temperature is 25°C and mean of the maximum daily temperature is 40°C. What is the airport reference temperature (ART) ?

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