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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 618

30901. On a single rail track, goods trains loaded with heavy iron material run starting from A to B and then empty wagons run from B to A. The amount of creep in the rails

30902. What is the value of camber rate that should be provided in case of WBM pavement surface in an area of heavy rainfall ?

30903. In the given figure, the latitude of the place of observation will be equal to declination of the star plus its co-altitude when the position of the star on the meridian is between

30904. The following are the sewage treatment processes : 1. Primary sedimentation 2. Screening 3. Grit removal 4. Secondary sedimentation. When only preliminary treatment is to be given for sewage, select the required treatment proceses including their correct sequence from the codes given below:

30905. Consider the AoA network of a project shown in the given figure. (Activities are designated by alphabets and durations are shown around the stem of the arrow.) The critical path will be

30906. Consider the following statements regarding the working stress design of under-reinforced RC sections: 1. The neutral axis depth will be greater than that of a balanced section 2. The stress in steel in tension will reach its maximum permissible value first 3. The moment of resistance will be less than that of the balanced section 4. The concrete on'the tension side is also to be considered for calculating the moment of resistance of the section. Of these statement :

30907. The force in member FD in the given figure is

30908. The ratio of the flexural strengths to two beams of square c. oss-section, the first beam being placed with its top and bottom sides horizontally and the second beam being placed with one diagonal horizontally, is

30909. The standard plasticity chart to classify fine grained soils is shown in the given figure. The area marked 'X' represents

30910. Which one of the following statements is correct ? In the lime-soda process of water softening

30911. In standard penetration test, the splitspoon sampler is penetrated into the soil stratum by giving blows from a drop weight whose weight (in kg) and free fall (in cm) are, respectively,

30912. The following data pertain to a waste-water sample : Initial D.O. = 8 mg/l Final D.O. = 2 mg/l Dilution = 1%. The B.O.D. of the given wastewater sample is

30913. If p is the specific gravity of the material used in the design of a masonry dam of triangular section, then the ratio between the height and base width of the dam for structural safety and stability is equal to

30914. Consider the following statements relating to the stability of floating as well as submerged bodies : 1. A submerged body is stable when the centre of gravity is below the centre of buoyancy. 2. A floating body is stable when the centre of gravity is above the centre of buoyancy. 3. A floating body is stable when the centre of gravity is below the metacentre. 4. A submerged body is in stable equilibrium when the centre of gravity coincides with the centre of buoyancy. Of these statements :

30915. A vehcile was stopped in two seconds by fully jamming the brakes. The skid marks measured 9.8 metre's. The average skid resistance coefficient will be

30916. Consider the following statements pertaining to intermediate stiffeners : 1. Stiffeners are provided to exclusively bear concentrated loads. 2. Stiffeners should bear tightly against top and bottom flanges. 3. Maximum spacing of stiffeners is restricted 180 t, where t is the thickness of web. Which of the statements given above is are/correct ?

30917. A brick masonry wall of nominal thickness 200 mm carries an axial load of 26 kN/m and another load of 19 kN/m acting at an eccentricity of 45 mm. The resultant eccentricity and eccentricity ratio are respectively

30918. What is the correct sequence of formation of the following compounds during chlorination of water in which ammonia is present ? 1. NCl3 2. NH2Cl 3. NHCl2 Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

30919. That part of a molecule which absorbs electro magnetic radiation is called

30920. In a project logic, four activities M, N, O and P are required to be completed before starting activity Q. If the finish times of M, N, O and P are 12 days, 14 days, 15 days and 17 days respectively, the earliest event occurrence time for the activity Q is

30921. A square column section of size 350 mm is 350 mm is reinforced with four bars of 25 mm diameter and four bars of 16 mm diameter. Then the transverse steel should be :

30922. A rectangular channel of 2.5 m width and 2 m depth of water carries a flow of 10 m3/s. The specific energy for the flow is given by

30923. Which of the following pollutants is responsible for depletion of ozone layer ?

30924. If a composite bar of steel and copper is heated, then the copper bar will be subjected to

30925. Consider the following discharge measurement devices : 1. Cylindrical mouthpiece flowing full 2. Sharp-edged orifice 3. Convergent-divergent mouthpiece 4. Borda's re-entrant mouthpiece flowing free The correct sequence of increasing order of their discharge coefficients is

30926. A square framework formed of uniform heavy rods of equal weight joined together is hung by one corner. A weight W is suspended from each of the three lower corners and the shape of the square is preserved .with the help of a light rod along the horizontal diagonal. The thrust of the light rod is

30927. The maximum bending moment at the left quarter point of a simple beam due to crossing of UDL of length shorter than the span in the direction left to right, would occur after the load had just crossed the section by

30928. The formulation for BOD assimilation in a stream should include

30929. A truss is shown in the given figure. The cross-sectional area of each member is 'A' and the modulus of elasticity of the material is E. The strain energy in the member XY is given by

30930. Which country’s Parliament is know as Duma?

30931. The elements that are normally subjected to combined bending and axial forces are

30932. A uniform simply supported beam is subjected to a clockwise moment at the left end. What is the moment required at the right end so that rotation of the right end is zero ?

30933. A cylindrical bar of 20 mm diameter and 1 m length is subjected to a tensile test. Its longitudinal strain is 4 times that of its lateral strain. If the modulus of elasticity is 2 x 105 N/mm2, then its modulus of rigidity will be

30934. Clapeyron's theorem is applied to

30935. A fill having a volume of 150, 000 cm is to be constructed at a void ratio of 0.8. The borrow pit soil has a void ratio of 1.4. The volume of soil required (in cubic metres) to be excavated from the borrow pit will be

30936. The Gandhara School of Arts primarily deals with:?

30937. The resultant of the coplanar, concurrent system of forces F1, F2, F3 and F4 shown in the above figure is

30938. During seepage through an earth mass, the direction of seepage is

30939. Consider the following statements : The effect of sea water on hardened concrete is to 1. increase its strength 2. reduce its strength 3. retard setting 4. decrease its durability. Of these statements :

30940. Maharashtra co-operative act was passed in the year?

30941. By what percentage is length of a runway increased for every 300 m rise above M.S.L. ?

30942. The percentage of time in a year during which the cross wind component remains within the limit, is :

30943. Consider the following statements : A concrete mixer is specified by the : 1. volume of the mixing drum. 2. horse power of the prime mover. 3. volume of mixed concrete discharged. 4. mixer drum speed. 5. feeding arrangement. Of these statements :

30944. Choose the correct statement about horizontal component of resultant hydrostatic pressure on a curved submerged surface :

30945. Who was the last Mughal emperor of India?

30946. ‘The Third Window’ is a term associated with.........?

30947. A simply supported beam of span 'L' and uniform flexural rigidly EI, carries a central load 'W' and total uniformly distributed load 'W' throughout the span. The maximum deflection is given by

30948. In the design of storm sewers, time of concentration relevant of determine the

30949. Which one of the following organisations, functions as an apex institution for the agencies engaged in the economic development of SC's and ST's?

30950. The first malayalee who got Padmavibhushan?

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