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31251. What is the correct sequence of the following steps in the graphical determination of stresses in the members of a loaded plane truss ? 1. Vector diagram to determine the end reactions. 2. Space diagram. 3. Stress diagram. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

31252. The laughing gas is:

31253. A steel rod of 16 irim diameter has been used as a tie in a bracing system, but may subject to possible reversal of stress due to the wind. What is the maximum permitted length of the member ?

31254. In the manufacture of iron from hematite limestone acts as:

31255. The total number, of independent equations that form the Lacey's regime theory is

31256. Deep sea divers used to respirate in a mixture of:

31257. The following methods are used for structural analysis : 1. Macaulay method 2. Column analogy method 3. Kani's method 4. Method of sections Those used for indeterminate structural analysis would include

31258. Nuclear fusion produces:

31259. In the case of S2 water surface profile (y = depth of flow, y0 = normal depth, yc = critical depth)

31260. If a refrigerator door is opened,then we get:

31261. A summit vertical curve is to be set joining + 2 percent grade with -3 percent grade. If the tangents interest at an elevation of 60 m and the rate of change of grade is - 1 percent per 100 m, then the elevation of the beginning point of the vertical curve will be

31262. Upon mixing pure water with sodium carbonate its pH becomes:

31263. If an element is subjected to pure shearing stress τxy then the maximum principal stress is equal to

31264. The pH value of a buffer solution after dilution:

31265. The wall friction of the retaining wall:

31266. Glow of phosphorus is due to:

31267. Consider the following statements : The salient features of a bar chart over network are that : 1. It is simple to draw and easy to understand. 2. It is unable to depict interdependence of activities. 3. It clearly distinguishes between critical and non-critical activities. 4. It is not possible to crash activities to get optimum and minimum duration of the project. Which of the following statements given above are correct ?

31268. Rust is chemically:

31269. Which one of the following is the best method for locating sounding to estimate the dredged material from the harbours ?

31270. The experimental evidence for the particle nature of light was provided by:

31271. An open channel carrying super critical flow is provided with a smooth expansion along the direction of flow. When no other considerations interfere, then the water surface.

31272. The ring system in cyano cobalamine is called:

31273. A sewer is laid from a manhole A to a manhole B, 250 m apart along a downward gradient of 1 in 250. If the reduced level of the invert at A is 205.75 m and the height of the boring rod is 3 m, then, reduced level of the sight rail at B, is

31274. Which of the following is phenolic acid?

31275. A body of mass 4 kg moving at 12 m/s collides with another body of mass 8 kg and adheres to it. The resultant velocity of the total mass in m/s will be

31276. The hydroxyl acid among the following is:

31277. A soil sample is having a specific gravity of 2.60 and a void ratio of 0.78. The water content in percentage required to fully saturate the soil at the void ratio would be

31278. Which of the following does not undergo Cannizaro’s reaction?

31279. A rectangular channel carries a discharge of 5 m3/s. The channel is 2 m wide. What is the critical depth of the flow ?

31280. Tertiary alkyl halides are practically inert to substitution by SN2 mechanism because of:

31281. The discharge per unit drawdown at the well is known as :

31282. Williamson’s synthesis is used for the synthesis of:

31283. At a certain point in a strained material, there are two mutually perpendicular stresses σx = 100 N/mm2 (Tensile) and σx = 50 N/mm2 (Compressive). [Notations : Tension (+); Compression (-) ] What are the values of the principal stresses in N/mm2 at that point ?

31284. The greater-----------of the carbon-metal bond,the greater the reactivity of the organometallic compoun

31285. Which of the following materials are used as landfill salients for the control of gas and leachate moments ? 1. Lime 2. Sand 3. Bentonite 4. Fly ash 5. Butyl rubber Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

31286. Solutions with same osmotic pressure at a given temperature are called

31287. In a three-dimensional incompressible flow, the velocity component in the X and Y directions are u = 2x2 + z2 + 6 and v = y2 + 2z2 + 7. What is the velocity component in the z-direction ?

31288. A liquid rises in a capillary tube.It is due to:

31289. Which one of the following shovel excavators is considered most efficient in loading carriers ?

31290. The third law of thermodynamics helps in the calculation of:

31291. Brake is applied on a vehicle which then skids a distance of 16 m before coming to stop. If the developed average coefficient of friction between the tyres and the pavement is 0.4, then the speed of the vehicle before skidding would have been nearly

31292. Which obey Max Well-Boltz mann distribution?

31293. A right-angled triangular channel, symmetrical in section about the vertical, carries a discharge of 5 m3 /s with a velocity of 1.25 m/s. What is the approximate value of the Froude number of the flow ?

31294. Which compound is considered as anti aromatic?

31295. Acidity of chloro acetic acid is greater than that of acetic acid due to:

31296. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?

31297. Which of the following imparts brick red colour to the flame?

31298. The hemolytic fission of a chemical bond result in the formation of:

31299. Convertibility of the rupee implies?

31300. Which among the following has highest energy?

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