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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 624

31201. The local sidereal time (LST) is always

31202. The sky appears blue.It is due to:

31203. Consider the following statements : I: To insert a 28 mm nominal diameter rivet, 29.5 mm rivet hole is made. II: Provision is made to allow temperature expansion of the bolt.

31204. In the hydrogenation of oils the catalyst used is:

31205. Consider the following statements : A : For beams, I-sections are more economical than rectangular section. R : Most of the material is concentrated away from the centroid. Of these statements :

31206. Starch is converted into disaccharide in the presence of:

31207. Two different granular soils are placed in a permeameter tube and flow is allowed to take place under a constant total head. The total head and pressure head at point A in centimeters, are respectively.

31208. With rise in temperature surface tension of the liquid:

31209. When the degree of consolidation is 50%, the time factor is about

31210. The temperature at which second virial coefficient of a real gas is zero is called:

31211. General shrinkage in cement concrete is caused by

31212. Which among the following is a chelating ligand?

31213. The distribution system configuration shown in the following figure is called

31214. Which is not a zinc containing enzyme?

31215. The phenomenon of reflection cracking is observed in which of the following ?

31216. Which among the following constitute a nano system confined in one dimension?

31217. What are the gases produced by landfills primarily comprised of?

31218. Nutrients required by plants in relatively large amounts are called:

31219. Consider the following statements regarding specific energy of flow in an open channel : 1. There is only one specific energy curve for a given channel. 2. Alternate depths are the depths of flow at which the specific energy is the same. 3. Critical flow occurs when the specific energy is minimum. Of these statements :

31220. The secondary valency of a metal ion in Werner’s theory corresponds to:

31221. A motor shaft rotating with a speed of 90 rpm decelerates uniformly when the motor is switched off and stops in 40 sec. The number of revolutions made by the shaft in this time would be

31222. Which among the following is used for estimating nickel?

31223. Which one of the following statements is correct ? The portal method of structural analysis is generally suitable for

31224. Which among the following is regenerated cellulose?

31225. How high should a helicopter pilot rise at a point. A just to see the horizon at point B, if the distance AB is 40 km ?

31226. Which among the following is most stable conformer of cyclohexane?

31227. A cantilever beam 'A' with rectangular cross-section is subjected to a concentrated load at its free end. If width and depth of another cantilever beam 'B' are twice those of beam A, then the deflection at free end of the beam 'B' as compared to that of 'A' will be

31228. Geraniol is a :

31229. A bar of square section is subjected to a pull of 10000 kg. If the maximum allowable shear stress on any section is 500 kg/cm2, then the side of the square section will be

31230. Bakelites are------polymers.

31231. A clay sample has a void ratio of 0.54 in dry state. The specific gravity of soil solids is 2.7. What is the shrinkage limit of the soil ?

31232. Which among the following is an aromatic amino acid?

31233. Consider the following statements related to Los Angeles Abrasion test on aggregates : 1. It evaluates hardness of source - rock 2. It has a coefficient of variation of about 30 percent Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

31234. Which among the following bases is not commonly found in DNA?

31235. A bar of uniform cross-section of 400 mm2 is loaded as shown in the figure. The stress at section 1-1 is

31236. Water molecule can have --------number of modes of vibration

31237. Which of the following is the lightest gas?

31238. The chief constituents of essential oils are:

31239. A wooden plank (sp. gr. 0.5) 1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m floats in water with 1.5 kN load on it with 1 m x 1 m surface horizontal. The depth of plank lying below water surface shall be

31240. The solvent used in dry cleaning clothes is:

31241. A parabolic vertical curve is to be set out connecting two uniform grades of +0.6% and +.0%. The rate of change of grade is to be 0.06% per 30 m. The length of the curve will be

31242. Chemically banana oil is:

31243. For an activity 201-207 in an AOA network, the EET values, LET values and activity duration are shown in the figure. Between free float, interference float and independent float, which one of the following is the correct sequence in the decreasing magnitude order ?

31244. Electrophilic reagents are:

31245. Consider the following statements : 1. Dock is a marine structure for mooring up vessels, loading and unloading of passengers and/or cargo. 2. Dry dock is generally used only for carrying out repairs, inspections and painting. 3. Wet dock is an enclosed or partially enclosed basin provided with locks and entrance gate to keep the water level at a fairly constant level. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

31246. Carbonion is isostructural with:

31247. Which one of the following statements is true to trickling filter sludge ?

31248. The latest technique used for purification of organic compounds is:

31249. The per capita income is obtained?

31250. The technique of gas chromatography is suitable for compounds which are:

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