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33301. An output device that converts data from a binary format in main storage to coded hole patterns punched into a paper tape is

33302. A computer performs operations by comparing data items and then, depending on the results, follows predetermined course of action. What are such operations called?

33303. A file that includes an index directory to facilitate random access is

33304. The data bus in 8080A/8085 microprocessor is a group of

33305. Control of computer system or subsystem operation by an operator who may intervene at arbitrary times is

33306. In which of the following terminals the screen is regarded as an array of pixels, where each pixel is either on or off?

33307. Which language has been selected as the basis for the Japanese "fifth generation" computers.

33308. A notation for defining the form and structure of data is known as

33309. The CPU is made up of control unit ALU and

33310. In digital computer, all the expressions are coded into

33311. In computer terminology a compiler means

33312. Which part of computer performs functions similar to the cerebrums of the above cardiac and nervous system of a human body.

33313. A storage area used to store data to compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is

33314. A memory that contains a fine pattern of data permanently defined is

33315. What is the number of bits needed for an address in a 4 K memory?

33316. Conversion of an octal number 1068 to binary number is

33317. The physical equipment made oi various metals, silicon and plastic components that make up the parts of a computer is called

33318. Who launched IBM's First PC in 1981?

33319. Memories in which any location can be reached in a fixed (and short) amount of time after specifying its address is called

33320. How many operations per second can perform by a modern fast mainframe digital computer.

33321. A connection between two end points, either physical or logical, over which data may travel in both directions simultaneously is called _____

33322. Which is part of a computer system, enables human operators to communicate with the computer.

33323. Who invented the microprocessor?

33324. Sending data from one place to another, by physical or electronic means is

33325. A method for representing digital data analog signals by changing the phase of the analog carrier to represent the digital information is known as

33326. A device that stores one item of information is

33327. MODULA is a

33328. A register in which of the following that holds the current instruction while it is being executed is called instruction register.

33329. The OCR stand for?

33330. Which of the following is a data communication link that connects more than two stations, nodes etc

33331. The two basic types of record-access methods are:

33332. Which functional component of a computer is responsible for the computing?

33333. Punched cards are associated with the name

33334. The light pen was developed in

33335. The two main components of the CPU is

33336. A factor which might cause an individual to consider using a computer in criminal activities is:

33337. Transmission and presentation of text and graphics is called

33338. Which of the following is directry controlled from a keyboard.

33339. Which of the following is a machine for reading documents that are encoded in a way that is readable by person and machine.

33340. Which of the following does not affect the resolution of a video display image?

33341. Which was the first commercial computer built by M.V. Wilkies.

33342. Disketts and hard disks are

33343. If you see a diskette with a piece of foil covering its notch, it is said to be

33344. No computer can do anything without a

33345. The estimation of the value of a function at a point beyond the interval in which the data lies is called known as

33346. An input device that is able to interpret pencil marks on paper media is known as

33347. Front-end processor is a _____ designed specifically to handle the communications processing task.

33348. The shifting of a program from one of the memory addresses to another is

33349. Arranging data in a specific order is called

33350. The area of computer science which is concerned with the display of pictures is

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