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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 691

34551. An audio transformer has a turn ratio of 9, What is its impedance ratio?

34552. We have borrowed the concept of “Directive principles of state policy”from the constitution of:

34553. How many protons does the nucleus of a silicon atom contain?

34554. A circuit has two different voltage sources that are connected in a series-opposing form. If the sources are rated at 6 V and 9 V, what is the total source voltage?

34555. The emitter diode is usually

34556. 1 Microfarad is the same as:

34557. Which one of the following statements is true for resistance in a parallel circuit?

34558. The direction of conventional current flow is:

34559. Doubling the operating frequency of a purely inductive circuit:

34560. The secondary voltage for a certain power transformer is twice the voltage applied to the primary. The current flowing in the secondary winding will be:

34561. What is a free electron?

34562. To get the Norton current, you have to

34563. The barrier potential accross each depletion layer is

34564. Which one of the following properties of a magnetic circuit can be directly compared to voltage in an electrical circuit?

34565. What kind of battery is most likely included in a cordless electric knife?

34566. The basic unit of measurement for resistance is the:

34567. What is the phase shift between total current and voltage, if 100 ohm resistor connected in parallel with an inductor that has a reactance of 200W?

34568. When operating below its resonant frequency, a series RLC circuit has the characteristics of a:

34569. The valence electron of a copper atom experiences what kind of attraction toward the nucleus?

34570. Suppose a step-down transformer has a turns ration of 5:1. If the secondary current is 1A rms, what is the primary-current?

34571. Absolute Zero temperature equals

34572. At cut off, the Q point is at

34573. The south pole of a magnet is the one:

34574. Who is the President of France?

34575. The peak value of a sine waveform is:

34576. Which one of the following statements is true for voltage in a parallel circuit?

34577. The dielectric constant of a material is a measure of:

34578. What is the inductive reactance of a 2-H coil operating at 60 Hz?

34579. When operating above its resonant frequency, a series RLC circuit has the characteristics of a:

34580. What is the primary difference between primary and secondary cell batteries?

34581. Which one of the following statements applies to common auto batteries?

34582. Which one of the following equations most directly determines the power dissipation of a resistance when you know the power dissipation of a resistance when you know the voltage drop and current?

34583. If N1/N2 = 2, and the primary voltage is 120 V, what is the secondary voltage?

34584. A device that converts light energy to electrical energy is called a:

34585. How much current flows through a 60-W light bulb that is operating at 120 V?

34586. What is the power dissipation of a resistance that has 24 V dropped across it and 0.25 A flowing through it?

34587. Which one of the following kinds of materials has the highest permeability?

34588. Inductive reactance is measured in units of:

34589. What is the difference between the kinds of charges for an electron and a proton?

34590. An ideal voltage source has

34591. A transistor has how many doped regions?

34592. The voltage across a 1N4001 is 0.93V when the current is 1A. What is the power dissipation of the diode for these values?

34593. A loadstone is:

34594. Which one of the following phrases most accurately describes a purely capacitive circuit?

34595. The saturation point is approximately the same as

34596. Which one of the following statements is true for the currents in a series RC circuit?

34597. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on:

34598. Determine the resistance value and tolerance of a resistor that has the following color bands; first band is red, second band is red, third band is orange, and the fourth band is gold

34599. Which one of the following is most likely used for measuring the rate of electron flow?

34600. Suppose a voltage source has an ideal voltage of 15V and a source resistance of 0.2W. For what values of load resistance will the voltage source appear stiff?

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