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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 692

34601. Which one of the following statements regarding ac circuits is correct?

34602. Which one of the following statements most accurately describes the nature of inductive reactance?

34603. What are the main parts of an atom?

34604. Current is

34605. A real voltage source has

34606. The festival ‘Mamankam’was celebrated once in twelve years at the bank of the river:

34607. What is the total resistance of a series circuit that contains four resistors having values of 220W, 470W, 1W, and 1.2W?

34608. Holes act like:

34609. How may valence electrons does a silicon atom have?

34610. Reducing the amount of current through an inductor:

34611. Which one of the following statements best applies to a series RLC circuit?

34612. When applying a square waveform to a capacitor, the circuit tends to:

34613. Which one of the following properties of a magnetic circuit can be directly compared to current in an electrical circuit?

34614. Who invented the first junction transistor?

34615. When a series RLC circuit is operating at its resonant frequency:

34616. Which one of the following equations most directly leads to the resistance of an ordinary household light bulb, assuming that you know the power and voltage rating?

34617. The total capacitive reactance of a parallel capacitor circuit is:

34618. Thevenin theorem replaces a complicated circuit facing a load by an

34619. What kind of device is a diode?

34620. Which one of the following statements applies to common, non-rechargeable flashlight batteries?

34621. The total inductive reactance of a parallel inductor circuit is:

34622. A step-down transformer has turns ration of 5:1. If the primary voltage is 120 Vrms, what is the secondary voltage?

34623. Norton's theorem replaces a complicated circuit facing a load by an

34624. Dr.R.Ambedkar had described which of the fundamental right as “the heart and soul”of the constitution?

34625. Doubling the operating frequency of a capacitive circuit:

34626. The net charge of a neutral copper atom is

34627. Which one of the following statements is true for the voltage in a parallel RL circuit?

34628. A low-pass filter:

34629. What is one important thing transistors do?

34630. At room temperature an intrinsic silicon crystal acts approximately like

34631. What is the algebraic sum of this series of values:+2, -3, -6,+4?

34632. When operating below its resonant frequency, a parallel RLC circuit has the characteristics of a:

34633. What causes the depletion layer?

34634. Which one of the following statements most accurately reflects the nature of ac power?

34635. A step-up transformer has a turns ratio of 1:4. If the line voltage is 115 V rms, what is the peak secondary voltage?

34636. Which one of the following principles best describes the basic operation of a generator?

34637. The current gain of a transistor is defined as the ratio of the collector current to the

34638. What is the total resistance of a parallel circuit that contains two resistors having values of 220 ohm and 470 ohm?

34639. The equivalent of 1 kV is:

34640. The period of a waveform is:

34641. In an intrinsic semiconductor, the number of free electrons

34642. A device that converts mechanical into electrical energy is?

34643. Which one of the following kinds of materials has the lowest permeability?

34644. The total impedance of a parallel RLC circuit:

34645. The rise time of a pulse waveform is the time required for the voltage to rise:

34646. The financial relation between union govt,and states are discussed in the Indian constitution under article:

34647. The name associated with “Misrabhojanam”in Kerala:

34648. ”If God were to tolerate untouch ability I would not recognise him as God at all”.Who said it

34649. Who proposed ‘the preamble’before the Drafting Committee of the constitution of India?

34650. ”Privy Purse”was abolished by which one of the following constitution Amendment Acts?

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