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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 697

34851. What command is used to remove the directory?

34852. What command is used with vi editor to delete a single character?

34853. What hardware architectures are not supported by Red Hat?

34854. The surface integral of the normal component of Electric Field Intensity over a closed surfaces is equal 1/E0 times the total charge inside it.This is the statement of:

34855. Smooth cylindrical type rotors with less diameter and large axial length are used for Synchronous generators driven by:

34856. If the number of poles in a synchronous machine is 6,a slot angle of 100 mechanical,when expressed in electrical degree is:

34857. If the number of turns of an inductive coil is doubled and core length is quadrupled,other parameters being the same,the inductance of the coil became:

34858. Which one among the following is TRUE regarding the selection of working flux density in transformer design?

34859. An EOQ formula is an example of a(n)

34860. _____ are knowledge based system to which present rules are applied to solve a particular problem.

34861. The _____ is a business-oriented data-processing association which publishes a monthly journal, Data Management.

34862. The computer can potentially be used to monitor most of our actions, thus robbing us of _____

34863. A systems theory of organization sees the firm as a

34864. A financial modeling package for a PC is similar to a spreadsheet package, but it can handle larger data files than a spreadsheet, and it has a built-in _____ seeking function.

34865. _____ means that the manager spends his or her time dealing with exceptions or those situations which are out of control

34866. _____ decisions are those decisions for which policy standards or guidelines are already established.

34867. _____ is the use of a model in an attempt to identify and/or reflect the behaviour of a real person, process, or system.

34868. One of the three most common types of payment systems is the

34869. Which of the following is not an important principle for evaluating the raw data for decision-making:

34870. The analysis and design of application systems are the responsibility of a _____

34871. The model curriculum for information-system education suggested by the _____ has a more theoretical and conceptual basis, whereas the model by the _____ is more practical and applied in nature.

34872. _____ decisions concern the execution of specific tasks to assure that they are. carried out efficiently and effectively.

34873. The DBA is

34874. Error reports are an example of:

34875. A constraint that does not, affect the feasible solution region is known as

34876. The product structure file is also called the

34877. Econometric models include techniques from

34878. Average inventory level is reduced by

34879. Computer support to the manager has been least in

34880. Slack is the calculated time span within which the event must occur:

34881. The online, softcopy display of a customer's charge account to respond to an inquiry is an example of a(n):

34882. A _____ is a brief message to an operator that describes what data are to be entered.

34883. A _____ decision is routine one that's made following the completion of a preplanned series of steps.

34884. Educational programs for the labour union officials are conducted by

34885. Data has to be _____ before it can be converted into information.

34886. Which of the following is not true of the EDP Auditors Foundation?

34887. The most straightforward resource flow is

34888. To _____ is to decide in advance on a course of action.

34889. The operations file is updated by the

34890. Operations Research came into being due to:

34891. Order-filling activity in the physical system is triggered by the

34892. _____ is the ratio of correct information to the total amount of information produced over a period.

34893. Standards are provided by

34894. Which of the following is not a key component of the evaluation process in building a DSS?

34895. If you are an information-system manager, which organization is most appropriate for your interest?

34896. The four major corporate resources are money, materials, information, and

34897. An optional facilitates location program can be used to study

34898. A standards manual specifies standards that are to be followed in

34899. The use of computers in data processing has had several impacts on business. Which of the following is not one of them?

34900. Production machines were first controlled by the computer by means of

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