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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 698

34901. Encryption is being used primarily with

34902. Which of the following is(are) true of system analysts?

34903. From a data systems design viewpoint, the number of different types of general ledger entries is

34904. Critical _____ factors are those that are vital if a manager is to make a full contribution to the achievement of an organization's goals.

34905. External data is stored in the

34906. The manager of inventory would most likely be found in the

34907. In which way is a managerial information system (MIS) superior to electronic data processing (EDP)?

34908. Working at home might seem like an interesting option. However, _____ contact with other co-workers does have advantages.

34909. The question "what?" can be answered by

34910. An example of a management by exception report is a(n)

34911. A key verifier machine is used In controlling

34912. The vice-president of information has primary responsibility for

34913. An organization containing manufacturing, marketing, and finance areas is called a

34914. The major function of the language system is:

34915. Which of the following is not a common configuration used in a DDP system?

34916. A systems theory of management includes

34917. The files required to maintain general ledger records include

34918. A central purpose of most decision-support systems is

34919. One of the purchases order system's procedure sets is

34920. Which of the following is considered to be an interface between the functional applications and the data base?

34921. The journal voucher file includes

34922. The functional area showing the greatest interest in the concept of functional information systems is the

34923. The funds management subsystem attempts to

34924. The MIS consists of

34925. A _____ is a program that serves as an interface between application program and a set of coordinated and integrated files called a database.

34926. Which of the following is not tree about expert systems?

34927. A spreadsheet package is one type of _____ support tool.

34928. A turnaround document can be a (n)

34929. Data base preparation would be most difficult in a(n)

34930. The manager attempts to slow down the flow of

34931. The accident file is commonly updated in the

34932. MIS constraints are imposed by

34933. Monte Carlo is an example of a(n)

34934. Assembly languages are most commonly used to write computing systems that provide

34935. Which of the following usually receives formal education on their role in the MIS

34936. Lower-level managers make day-to¬day ______ decisions to schedule and control specific tasks.

34937. The executive vice-president usually has responsibility for the

34938. General ledger is also referred to as:

34939. A person who has the responsibility for development of a new product (such a instant coffee) in a firm is called a

34940. Sensitivity Analysis is the ability to perform:

34941. MRP stands for

34942. The file created yesterday is called the

34943. The subsystem appearing in each of the functional information systems is the

34944. The integration of the computer with manufacturing is called CIM or _____

34945. With respect to personnel matters in the United States, ERISA stands for

34946. A chart comprised of bars, each representing a period of time, is called a

34947. Corporate modeling languages often do provide for

34948. A primary use of decision support system (DSS) is to simulate an experiment over by using different parameters and assumptions. What is it called?

34949. A person who has a high-school diploma would be least likely to obtain which of the following jobs?

34950. Which of the following is(are) true concerning information-system careers?

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