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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 699

34951. In Decision Tables three are:

34952. A device is said to be _____ when it is accessible to, or under the control of, the processor

34953. The computer is a part of the firm's

34954. An MIS provides

34955. Pillsbury's SOAR system was designed specifically for

34956. _____ write computer programs that perform jobs specified by the user.

34957. A system must be composed of more than one

34958. When purchase cost is $20, maintenance cost is $0.50, and annual sale are 20 units, EOQ is

34959. The Nolan _____ model identifies several phases that describe the development of information systems in organizations.

34960. _____ assist management is answering what-if-questions.

34961. Most of the flow of physical resources occurs on the

34962. Anthony suggested that the area of management planning and control be segmented into:

34963. The receiving data system involves which of the following files?

34964. Once net requirements have been calculated, the next step is to

34965. A certain city uses a computer system as part of its taxation of real estate. Which one of the following tasks would the computer be least able to do?

34966. Management is linked to the information processor by

34967. How much should an organisation spend for information can be determined by some type of a:

34968. As a general rule.

34969. In data transmission, the bit coding scheme used to represent a byte is typically:

34970. The physical system of the firm may be regarded as a flow of

34971. Which of the following is not a basic configuration used in a data communication network?

34972. In the future, users of a computer system may identify themselves by entering a _____ and a fingerprint

34973. Computing systems can provide strategic information by

34974. An econometric model requires

34975. Linear programming identifies

34976. Frederic W. Taylor contributed the idea(s) of

34977. Benefits from a computerised MIS include:

34978. PCM stands for _____

34979. Which of the following is true of parallel transmission?

34980. Marketing planning is concerned with

34981. The following method/s are used in Transportation Models of Operations Research:

34982. An inventory management system should answer the questions

34983. CBCT stands for

34984. A Monte Carlo simulation is an example of a(n)

34985. Which of the following is a component of an expert system?

34986. Credit checking is done in the

34987. The number of management layers in a firm is determined by

34988. The manager, in using the systems approach, should subdivide the firm into subsystems based on

34989. Functional information subsystems can be classified into

34990. Which is the correct for MIS:

34991. Probabilities range from

34992. Management uses information for two purposes : planning and _____

34993. _____ is an application of the computer where the computer makes decisions or judgments that appear to require human intuition, reasoning and intelligence.

34994. Data collection terminals are used to report the activity of

34995. A quotation system obtains potential delivery time data from the

34996. An excellent linear programming software package for solving large-scale problems is

34997. There are several careers within data processing operations, including data-entry operator.

34998. The model base contains programs

34999. Hungarian Method is a way of solving Operations Research problems in:

35000. Which of the following statements in correct?

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