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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 700

35001. It is most important that the data produced by a payment system be

35002. _____ is and always has been wealth, and computers assist us in obtaining this wealth.

35003. The selection of the solution technique to the implemented by a computing system should be made by

35004. The most prominent system in the retail sales industry is the _____ system.

35005. Data items in the fixed asset record of a newly purchased asset that a well-designed application program could obtain automatically include

35006. Which of the following is requirement to develop a successful management information system?

35007. _____ attempt to provide the same judgmental advice that human experts such as doctors provide.

35008. A _____ provides a set of integrated computer tools that allow a decision maker to interact directly with computers in order to retrieve information useful for semistructured and unstructured decisions,

35009. The employee profile report is used by

35010. Fixed asset file management procedures are not required for

35011. To be successful in implementing DSS, organizations should have the following characteristics except:

35012. The bars in a bar chart are represented by the

35013. Data collection terminals

35014. The general systems model of the firm can be used

35015. Computing systems most often facilitate planning because they:

35016. Which of the following is(are) true of an artificial intelligence system?

35017. During the MIS development process, progress reporting meeting are held

35018. Information is produced by processing data from which of the following sources?

35019. The study project proposal

35020. Linear programming models solve problems dealing with

35021. The order entry subsystem creates a file of order records that are input to the

35022. The manager attempts to expedite, or speed up, the flow of

35023. Environmental information has greater value on the

35024. A condition that led to the development of databases was:

35025. The continuing education program that all managers should get into is

35026. A periodic report can facilitate management by exception by

35027. A manager would use a file manipulation language such as APL to cause the computer to

35028. The prime concern of financial control is

35029. A question that MIS designers must consider is whether to use "top_____ " or "bottom-up" development approach.

35030. Which of the following is not a primary reason for the popularity of decision support systems?

35031. Management has become more complex because

35032. Sales invoking is a:

35033. Accounting data

35034. Administrative supervision of the activities relating to a database is the responsibility of the:

35035. The latest time that the event can be delayed without delaying the completion of the entire project in PERT chart is:

35036. Union officials receive the same type of education as

35037. The relationship between the computer and quantitative techniques can be said to be a

35038. Sales order data is entered by means of

35039. Marketing research data is gathered by

35040. Customer data (name and address, shipping instructions, credit terms, etc.) is provided by the:

35041. Detected money errors are corrected with

35042. Data are allowed to be transmitted in only one direction in a:

35043. Many large organizations have information _____ where managers can use fourth-generation languages to retrieve the facts they need from online data bases, and where staff experts are available to provide PC hardware/ software guidance.

35044. Which of the following is not a major subsystem part providing an opportunity for system design controls

35045. Which of the following is not a level of information handling:

35046. A management information system is composed of

35047. _____ assist traditional auditors both in the review of computer controls and in the production of audit information through the use of computers.

35048. QUBE is an example of _____ systems.

35049. The amount of a certain product sold to a certain customer in a past period can be obtained from the

35050. A greater proportion of time is spent in planning on the

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