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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 701

35051. As alternatives are evaluated, the best one is recognized as the one

35052. Decisions can be classified on three levels : strategic, _____ and operational.

35053. Which of the following is not a device used in data communication?

35054. Which of the following statements is the most accurate?

35055. As opposed to detailed transaction information, the management information system (MIS) responds to the need for

35056. The type of model that helps the manager forecast future events is the

35057. Which of the following is not tree of operational decisions?

35058. Which of the following is not one of the qualitative characteristics that information must have?

35059. In the Financial Decision-Making System which of the following is not a transaction processing system input:

35060. The storage of computer programs and data files are the responsibility of a

35061. Zani's framework of effective MIS argues that MIS can only be designed in a:

35062. We combine hardware, software, people, procedures, and data to create an _____

35063. Difficult of MIS implementation is affected by

35064. Quantitative evaluation of new products assures that

35065. Pillsbury's REACH system is concerned mainly with the accomplishment of

35066. Top-level managers are responsible for _____ plans and decisions.

35067. The type of information most restricted by a poor interface between generalized data base management systems and special computing system languages is

35068. EDP auditors can be used in the

35069. EDP auditing has become popular since

35070. Which of the following is not a desired characteristic of objectives?

35071. Marketing research does not normally

35072. Quantitative techniques used to solve business problems are called

35073. A pricing strategy model would function most effectively as a

35074. Which of the following does not fail in the Personnel Decision-Making Area:

35075. Functional subsystems are connected by

35076. The common practice is to maintain

35077. Trailer labels contain

35078. A retailing business involves which of the following functions?

35079. The most structured marketing problems are likely to be those dealing with

35080. Summarized information is used more than detailed information on the

35081. Invoices are deleted from the invoice detail file by the

35082. Information should be accurate, timely, complete, and _____

35083. During the planning phase, the main activity of the vice-president of information systems is one of

35084. If the ratio of average charge voltage to average discharge voltage in a lead acid cell is 4/3,the ratio of its Watt Hour efficiency to Ampere hour efficiency is:

35085. PERT and CPM are:

35086. Firms have been engaged in marketing research for

35087. In Pillsbury's SOAR system, data was entered by

35088. The EDP Auditors Foundation sponsors the _____ examination.

35089. Which of the following is not one of the factors affecting the difficulty of the MIS project?

35090. Management by exception is based on a

35091. Information is _____ when it is useful in making a decision.

35092. Customer credit-granting decisions should be incorporated into the

35093. Personnel activity reports are produced from the

35094. With respect to personnel matters in the United States, OSHA stands for

35095. Data collection terminals gather data for use by the

35096. Within a database, the sequential organization of data by a common key is called:

35097. What data most likely would not be keyed into the order entry subsystem?

35098. Which of the following is not a quotation system procedure set?

35099. EDP auditors can be acquired from

35100. Which of the following is most responsible for the inability of auditors to uncover computer crimes?

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