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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 708

35401. The modern enterprise is interconnected internally and externally by the Internet, intranets, and other networks. Select the best fit for answer:

35402. The data communication support should include, but is not restricted to

35403. MAC is

35404. What is the name of the device that converts computer output into a form that can be transmitted over a telephone line?

35405. You are working with a network that has the network ID, and you require 25 subnets for your company and an additional 30 for the company that will merge with you within a month. Each network will contain approximately 600 nodes. What subnet mask should you assign?

35406. Which application allows a user to access and change remote files without actual transfer?

35407. Parity bit is

35408. Which of the following file retrieval methods use hypermedia?

35409. Which IP address class has few hosts per network?

35410. Microprogramming is

35411. You are working with a network that has the network ID What subnet should you use that supports up to 12 hosts and a maximum number of subnets?

35412. A Mod-31 synchronous Counter ideally has--------number of flipflops.

35413. If communication software can be called the "traffic cop" of a micro communication system, then what should the modem be called?

35414. Which of the following specifies the network address and host address of the computer?

35415. For connecting modem, a computer must be equipped with a port that conforms to the RS-232 standard of the Electronic Industries Association of America. What do the letters 'RS' stand for?

35416. A network that requires human intervention of route signals is called a

35417. What is the port number for POP3?

35418. Which of the following provides a storage mechanism for incoming mail but does not allow a user to download messages selectively?

35419. On a class C network with a subnet mask of 192, how many subnets are available?

35420. Ethernet and Token-Ring are the two most commonly used network architectures in the world. Jim has heard of the different topologies for networks and wants to choose the architecture that will provide him with the most options. Which of the following would that be? Choose the most correct answer.

35421. A 4 KHz noiseless channel with one sample every 125 per sec, is used to transmit digital signals. Find the bit rate (bits per second) that are sent, if CCITT 2.048 Mbps encoding is used.

35422. How can you see the address of the DHCP server from which a client received its IP address?

35423. In a synchronous modem, the receive equalizer is known as

35424. Alex is required to provide information on how many people are using the network at any one time. Which network will enable him to do so?

35425. Now-a-days computers all over the world can talk to each other. Which is one of the special accessories essential for this purpose?

35426. To make possible the efficient on-line servicing of many teleprocessing system users on large computer systems, designers are developing

35427. Which of the following best describes the scopes on each DHCP server, in the absence of configuration problems with DHCP addresses, if you use multiple DHCP servers in your environment?

35428. The main difference between TCP and UDP is

35429. What operates in the Data Link and the Network layer?

35430. What is the name of the computer based EMMS that provides a common forum where users can check in at their convenience, post messages, actively exchange ideas and participate in ongoing discussions?

35431. Which among the following is/are TRUE regarding the OP AMP circuit?

35432. Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via a

35433. After coding a document into a digital signal, it can be sent by telephone, telex or satellite to the receiver where the signal is decoded and an exact copy of the original document is made. What is it called?

35434. Which file transfer protocol uses UDP?

35435. You are working with a class C network. You are required to configure it for five subnets, each of which will support 25 nodes. What subnet should you use?

35436. A network designer wants to connect 5 routers as point-to-point simplex line. Then the total number of lines required would be

35437. Which of the following medium access control technique is used for bus/tree?

35438. A distributed data processing configuration in which all activities must pass through a centrally located computer is called a:

35439. The size or magnitude of a voltage or current waveform is

35440. Which of the following network access standard is used for connecting stations to a circuit-switched network?

35441. Which of the following is not a transmission medium?

35442. When comparing Active and Passive filters,which of the following statements are Wrong?

35443. A batch processing terminal would not include a

35444. Packet Switch Stream (PSS) was introduced in

35445. For unipolar operation an 8 bit Digital to Analog Converter has a resolution of:

35446. Which of the following allows devices on one network to communicate with devices on another network?

35447. An error detecting code is which code is the remainder resulting from dividing the bits to be checked by a predetermined binary number, is known as

35448. Bulletin board system

35449. In OSI model, which of the following layer provides error-free delivery of data?

35450. Error detection at the data link level is achieved by?

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