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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 714

35701. An array name is a _____

35702. To enter a comment in a C++ program, you begin the comment with _____

35703. Which of the following is(are) invalid string constant(s)?

35704. You define a structure type globally because _____

35705. Overloaded functions are required to

35706. Redirection redirects

35707. You mark the beginning of a function's block of code with the _____

35708. Sending a copy of data to a program module is called _______

35709. Of the three ways to pass arguments to functions, only passing by _____ and passing by _____ allow the function to modify the argument in the calling program

35710. To use either an input or output file, the program must include the _____ header file

35711. A widget is to the blueprint for a widget as an object is to

35712. C++ allows you to define the same functions more than once in the same program _____

35713. Which of the following assigns the number 5 to the area variable?

35714. A base class may also be called a

35715. The _____ mode tells C++ to open a file for input

35716. Using the wardrobe structure within the ShopList structure is an example of a good programming principle, known as _____

35717. When you omit parameters from a function call, values can be provided by

35718. The first element in a string is

35719. Variables declared outside a block are called _____

35720. The compiler converts your C++ instructions into _____

35721. A fundamental type such as int or double is a _____

35722. The return type you code for all constructors is _____

35723. When an object-oriented program detects an error within a function, the function _________

35724. Using a statement at the wrong time or with an inappropriate object creates a

35725. When you create a derived class and instantiate an object _____

35726. Evaluate the following expression: 4 >6 || 10 < 2 6

35727. A constructor always has

35728. A normal C++ operator that acts in special ways on newly defined data types is said to be

35729. A function in a derived class that has the same name as a function in the parent class

35730. In which statements, does a 'continue' statements cause the control to go directly to the test condition and then continue the looping process?

35731. The unity negative feedback system with GH(S)=(10s+1)/(s2+8as+4k) Oscillates at 2rad/s only when

35732. In a class specifier, data or functions designated private are accessible

35733. When a function includes a throw statement for errors, the call to the potentially offending function should be placed within a _____ block

35734. The scope resolution operator is

35735. "C++" is a _____ constant

35736. In a C++ program, which of the following can be thrown?

35737. The items listed in the function header are called _____

35738. A translator that notes whether you have used a language correctly may be called a _____

35739. The feature in object-oriented programming that allows the same operation to be carried out differently, depending on the object, is_____

35740. When an argument is passed by reference,

35741. The process of extracting the relevant attributes of an object is known as

35742. Which of the following statements uses the computer's clock to initialize the random number generator?

35743. A static data member is given a value

35744. You must provide a constructor for a derived class

35745. If you want to override constructor default values for an object you are instantiating, you must also override

35746. To use one of the C++ built-in mathematical functions, you must include the _____ header file in your program

35747. Errors in a program are called

35748. If you declare two objects as Customer firstCust, secondCust; which of the following must be true?

35749. Which of the following is the inequality operator?

35750. If a derived class uses the public access specifier, then _____

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