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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 769

38451. Choose the word that is nearly similar in meaning to CONJECTURE

38452. How many ways can the meaning of the following sentence be changed by adding the word ‘ONLY’to it?MOHAN MAY SLEEP ON THE BED

38453. Who has been chosen for 2016 Bihari Puraskar?

38454. Suresh Kalmadi and Abhay Singh Chautala were recently appointed as the lifetime presidents of which of the entities?

38455. The astronomer, who confirmed dark matter passed away recently. His/her name is

38456. Nedumkayam, which has become the India's first cashless and digital tribal colony, is in which state/union territory?

38457. Which country recently rejected India's 'Open Sky' offer to allow unlimited flights between the two countries?

38458. Sunderlal Patwa, who passed away recently, was the former chief minister of which state of India?

38459. Who has been appointed as the new deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

38460. The 2016 National Children Science Congress (NCSC) programme has started in which of the following cities?

38461. The corporate office of the Sagarmala Development Company was inaugurated in

38462. The book "I am a troll" has been authored by whom?

38463. Which state government will create new ministry for Vimukta Jati and Nomadic Tribes (VJNT), OBCs and SBCs?

38464. Who was named as the Chief Adviser to the President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism by President-elect Donald Trump?

38465. Which of the following states will host the 2022 National Games?

38466. The 2017 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit will take place in which city?

38467. Which state hosts the annual Flamingo bird festival, a three-day state sponsored event?

38468. Name the batsman who broke the 117-year-old of first-class cricket by scoring 359 runs while carrying his bat.

38469. Name the train that derailed near Rura railway station in Kanpur Dehat district in last week of December 2016.

38470. Name the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh who died in the recent past.

38471. The registration fees for Indian citizenship of Hindus of which neighboring countries have been reduced to Rs 100?

38472. Who was appointed as the Deputy Governor of RBI recently?

38473. Who has won gold in the Women Elite's 500m individual time trial event in the 2016 Senior National Track Cycling?

38474. It is in this city of Uttarakhand where Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid foundation stone of Char Dham highway development project.

38475. The word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to COMPLIANT

38476. Select the correct sentence from the following:

38477. Identify the correctly spelt wor

38478. How many words in the following sentence are used as adverbs?WHY WORK SO HARD?

38479. The incorrect match from the following is:

38480. Choose the sentence with the correct usage:

38481. An agnostic is a person

38482. In which of the following sentences is the preposition correctly used?

38483. Find the nearest number to 95348 which is completely divisible by 48

38484. Simplify ¾[12/6+6x5-8]

38485. If 128 is multiplied by a certain number,the number is increased by 4699,find the number.

38486. A man spends 4/15 of his savings to buy a motorcycle for Rs.75,What was the total amount of his savings?

38487. A man who undertakes a journey covers one third of his journey at a speed of 60 kmph and the next one third at 30 kmph and the next one third at 30 kmph and the last part at 10 kmph.What is the average speed of his journey?

38488. In a community 40% people are affected by skin diseases,30% by digestive disorders and 10% by both the diseases.Find the percentage of people not affected by these two diseases.

38489. Rs.240 is divided among A,B and C such that A’s share is Rs.40 more than B’s and Rs.40 less than C’s.What is B’s share?

38490. If a shopkeeper sells a mobile phone for Rs.5,400 he incurs a loss of 10%.What should be its selling price if he is to earn a profit of 20%

38491. If it takes 33 seconds for a clock to strike 12 O’clock,the time taken to strike 8 O’Clock

38492. A train 120 metres long running at 25 kmph is overtaken by another train of length 80 metres running at 40 kmph in the same direction along a parallel line.How long will the faster train take to completely overtake the slower train?

38493. Which of the following does not contribute to the speed of a computer?

38494. What keyboard shortcut can be used to enter the current date in a cell in MS Excel?

38495. Bluetooth is a technology using

38496. What keyboard shortcut can be used to open a new document in MS Word while you are editing another document using MS Word without closing the document you are working with?

38497. Who was recently selected for the 2016 AIFF Woman Player of the Year award?

38498. Debbie Reynolds, who passed away recently, was the legendary actress of which country?

38499. The book "Watership Sown" was authored by whom?

38500. Union Government released a roadmap for early completion of this many number of projects under PMKSY and AIBP.

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