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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 770

38501. Name the person who was appointed as the Director General of Police of Jammu and Kashmir in December 2016.

38502. Prithviraj Ayachi is associated with which sports?

38503. It is in this country 600 MW Chashma-III nuclear power plant was inaugurated.

38504. Which country tested the 5th-generation fighter jet FC-31 Gyrfalcon?

38505. Prafulla Haldankar, who passed away recently, was the famous player of which sports?

38506. How much amount was recently approved by the World Bank for the Bihar Rural Roads Project?

38507. Who was recently selected for the 2016 AIFF Player of the Year award?

38508. Which High Level Committee (HLC) will be constituted by Union Government to review institutionalization of arbitration mechanism in India?

38509. Indian Army has partnered with which Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for critical technology requirements?

38510. The Odisha Government recently decided to name Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme after which of the following freedom fighters?

38511. Who has been appointed as the new Lt Governor of Delhi?

38512. "Swachh Swasth Sarvatra" initiative has been launched by the Union Health Ministry in collaboration with which union ministry?

38513. The 77th session of Indian History Congress (IHC) has started in which state of India?

38514. India's first Digi Dhan mela has been held in which state to promote cashless transactions?

38515. It is with this country India signed a MoU to extend cooperation in the field of infrastructure engineering.

38516. Abhudayam,a Malayala Brahmin Weekly published by

38517. 34th Senior National Rowing Championship was held at which of the following city?

38518. The central government has appointed which of the following as the next Ambassador of India to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam?

38519. Which of the following Indian State has started ‘Gender taxi’,which will be owned and operated by LGBT Community after Mumbai?

38520. Which of the following has been selected for the Prof.M.V.Pylee Award for the Distinguished Academician of India?

38521. Which state government has launched “Food on Wheels”to provide healthy,hygienic and delicious food?

38522. Orange Day Campaign has been organized in Kerala as stipulated by the UN General Assembly is related to

38523. Which among the following sites has bagged the Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA)Award for 2015 under the heritage category?

38524. Who made primary education compulsory in Travancore?

38525. ’Popping Crease’is associated with which games?

38526. Al-Murshid,an important reform monthly published by

38527. The state award given to the best farmer in Kerala

38528. Who among the following is known as’Mayyazhi Gandi’?

38529. Horthus Malabaricus was an ancient plant encyclopedia written in

38530. The birth place of Sree Naryana Guru was at

38531. Who among the following the First Member of Parliament from Kerala?

38532. World Wetlands Day observed in

38533. In which place was the first All Kerala Congress held?

38534. Who founded the first government hospital in kerala?

38535. Who was recently appointed as the 21st Lieutenant Governor of Delhi?

38536. The National Trust Foundation Day (NTFD) is observed on which date in India?

38537. "Beipanjiang Bridge" the world's highest bridge is in which country?

38538. Sunderlal Patwa, who passed away recently, was the former Chief Minister of which State?

38539. Barbara Tarbuck, who passed away recently, was the noted actress of which country?

38540. The 2016 World Bhojpuri Conference has started in which of the following cities?

38541. Which of the following Serbian tennis player recently announced retirement at the age of 29?

38542. The book "That thing called love" has been authored by whom?

38543. Name the person who resigned from the Rajya Sabha citing health issues recently?

38544. The 77th session of Indian History Congress recently commenced in which of the following states?

38545. The Department of Telecommunications has launched an Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS). Which issue is the system going to address?

38546. How much loan amount has been approved by the World Bank for rural road projects in Bihar?

38547. India's first caterpillar train will be set up by which state government of India?

38548. "BHIM" mobile app has been launched by Union Government to make digital payments easier. What does "BHIM" stands for?

38549. Name the person who will chair the High Level Committee (HLC) that was constituted to review institutionalization of Arbitration Mechanism in India.

38550. The 27th Southern Zonal Council, chaired by Rajnath Singh, was held in which of the following cities?

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