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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 784

39201. Number of horizontal hairs in a stadia diaphragm is

39202. Cause for error in tacheometric surveying is

39203. The equator is:

39204. Euthanasia means?

39205. Who is the new Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

39206. Who wrote ‘Gita Govinda’?

39207. Pneumonia affects?

39208. Which country hosted G-20 summit meeting in 2013?

39209. Who won women’s single title of the World Badminton Championship,2013?

39210. The effects of which of the following drugs were described as devastating by the Supreme Court?

39211. The President of this country announced withdrawal of 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy for Cubans.

39212. Who was recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Tata Consultancy Services?

39213. This country conferred national order of knighthood honour on former Union Minister of State for External Affairs Eduardo Faleiro.

39214. This country agreed to provide 1 trillion yen aid package to the Philippines.

39215. Who was sworn-in as the President of Nicaragua?

39216. Who was appointed as the chairman of Tata Sons in recent past?

39217. Parliament of this country approved key Articles of a constitutional reform which would allow the President to be a member of a political party and issue decrees.

39218. MoUs worth Rs. 8835 crore were signed in textile sector during the 8th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017. The summit was held in

39219. India's first solar powered boat was launched by which state?

39220. Name the humanitarian initiative launched by Delhi Police and Indigo airlines to cremate under-privileged people from Northeast in presence of family.

39221. Which country became the world's first country to officially recognise Parkour as a sport?

39222. Who won the 2017 Crafoord Prize?

39223. Pomology is the study of:

39224. Nelliampathi,a popular hill station is in the district of:

39225. Bhakranangal Dam is on the river:

39226. Which of the following books authored by Jhumpa Lahiri?

39227. With what is ‘White Revolution’associated?

39228. The term ‘Chinaman’is used in which game:

39229. Name the first state in India banned black magic,withcraft and other superstitious practices:

39230. Which one of the following books was not written by Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi?

39231. Where do Jarawa tribe live?

39232. How many types of emergencies are in the Indian Constitution?

39233. Who is the chairman of Planning Commission of India?

39234. In which year the partition of Bengal was cancelled?

39235. The device which converts AC into DC is called?

39236. William Peter Blatty, who passed away recently, was the well-known author of which country?

39237. Name the Indian actor who was honoured by the US Embassy to acknowledge his immense contribution to the India-US ties on tuberculosis.

39238. Name the former MRF director who passed away recently.

39239. Name the cricketer who scored a century in his 100th Test match in January 2017.

39240. Where is the headquarters of the think-tank Atlantic Council (AC)?

39241. Name the municipal corporation of Delhi that presented its budget for financial year 2017-18.

39242. Citizens of which country were benefitted by the two-decade-old 'wet foot, dry foot' policy that was scrapped in recent past by outgoing US President Barack Obama?

39243. Women weightlifting gold medallists of this country were stripped of the 2008 Olympics titles

39244. Name the country with which India in the recent past signed MoU to construct 3000 rain water harvesting systems.

39245. What is the theme of 2017 National Youth Festival (NYF) in India?

39246. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed a 1-trillion yen, about 8.7 billion dollars, aid package over the next five years for this country.

39247. How much interest rate will be offer by Airtel Payments Bank on savings accounts deposits?

39248. "Aditya" India's first-ever solar powered boat has been launched in which state?

39249. The 1st edition of ABU International Television Dance Festival will be held in

39250. Participants of the Humanitarian initiative, 'Akhiri Ahuti', to cremate under-privileged people from Northeast in presence of family is/are

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