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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 797

39851. Who was appointed as special assistant to US President on ethics and compliance matters, a key White House position?

39852. The 2017 North East Film Festival (NEFF) has started in which of the following cities?

39853. Who of the following won the 2017 Tata Steel Chess Tournament?

39854. The book "Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict" has been authored by whom?

39855. Sir John Hurt, who passed away recently, belonged to which country?

39856. Who was sworn-in as Karnataka Lokayukta recently?

39857. As per an announcement made by the Union Ministry of Finance, the General Anti Avoidance Rules will come into force on

39858. Which national leprosy awareness campaign has been organised by the Union Government on 2017 Anti Leprosy Day (ALD)?

39859. Who won the 2017 Australian Open Women's Singles title?

39860. Who has been appointed the interim Managing Director and CEO of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?

39861. The 2017 National Immunization Day (NID) is celebrated on which date in India?

39862. Who has won the 2017 Men's singles Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament?

39863. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently ground tested the Cryogenic Upper Stage engine meant for the rocket GSLV-Mark-III. The Cryogenic Upper Stage is designated as:

39864. Who won the 2017 Australian Open Men's Singles title?

39865. On which day Anti-leprosy day was observed in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi?

39866. A cantilever steel beam of 3 m span carries a udl of 10kN/m inclusive of self weight.The beam comprises of ISMB200@198N/m.Web thickness=4 mm,Ixx=6cm4 and Iyy=115cmThe maximum bending stress and average shear stresses in Mpa are respectively:

39867. In case of principal axez of a section:

39868. In case of a beam of rectangular cross section simply supported over a span L and loaded with a central load W,length of elasto-plastic zone of the plastic hinge is:

39869. The degree of static indeterminacy of a rigid-jointed space frame is:

39870. For stable structures, one of the important properties of flexibility and stiffness matrices is that the elements on the main diagonal i) of a stiffness matrix must be positive ii) of a stiffness matrix must be negative iii) of a flexibility matrix must be positive iv) of a flexibility matrix must be negative The correct answer is

39871. The correct answer is:

39872. in SPT,the test uses a thick walled sample tube.with an outside diameter:

39873. Unconfined compressive strength is given by 120 kN/m2,what will be the unconfined shear strength or cohesion?

39874. If a soil is fully saturated having void ratio 67 what will be the porosity?

39875. D60 is 6 mm,D30 is 2 mm and D30 is 16mm,what is the value of Cc(Coefficient of curvature)?

39876. Black cotton soils are:

39877. According to Jane Jacobs which of the following will make a street lively:

39878. The first integrated District Development Plan(IDDP)in Kerala was prepared for:

39879. The 12th Schedule of the 74th amendment of constitution deals with:

39880. Transit Oriented Development(TOD)has:

39881. Which of the following is true about a “Perspective Plan”?

39882. Which of the following acts was passed by the Indian Parliament in 2013?

39883. Which of the following is not true about Transferable Development Rights?

39884. Compact ,Pedestrianfriendly,Mixed land use development connected to other areas with public transport is proposed in:

39885. Which of the following public housing scheme in the US was destroyed due to high crime rate?

39886. According to Kevin Lynch which of the following groups of elements contributes to the image of the City?

39887. Which of the following is the earliest Regional planning exercise in India?

39888. A transition zone around a city where the urban and rural areas meet,mix and sometimes clash is called a:

39889. Which of the following areas is not part of the National Capital Region?

39890. The Digital Radio Round Table Conference has been launched by which union minister?

39891. Who has been appointed as the new chief of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

39892. The Supreme Court recently appointed a four-member Committee of Administrators to run Board of Control for Cricket in India. Who of the following will head the Committee?

39893. Which state tourism department has tied up with an online travel company "MakeMyTrip" to promote its home-stay scheme?

39894. Meghalaya's first ever Apparel and Garment Centre was inaugurated at

39895. The UN Security Council is going to hold urgent talks on missile test with which country?

39896. Who was appointed as the interim Managing Director and CEO of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?

39897. Which country has unveiled controversial state history textbooks?

39898. Bombay Natural History Society has launched climate change programme to assess conservation of which two bird groups in the Central Himalayas?

39899. The book "The man who could never say No" has been authored by whom?

39900. Which terrorist who features in India's most wanted list was recently placed under house arrest by Pakistani authorities?

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