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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 796

39801. The "India Pharma & India Medical Device-2017" conference will be held in which city?

39802. The Government of India (GoI) has recently signed white shipping agreement with which country?

39803. Who is the newly appointed Governor of Arunachal Pradesh?

39804. Kambala festival, a Buffalo Race, is celebrated annually in which of the following states?

39805. As per a Union Cabinet's decision, which of these institutes would be declared as Institutions of National Importance?

39806. This State Government announced Rs 100 crore fund for Fin Tech start-ups.

39807. "C25" India's first indigenously developed high thrust cryogenic rocket engine has successfully ground-tested by the ISRO for which rocket vehicle?

39808. Who has won the 2017 Women's singles Australian Open tennis tournament?

39809. Which Indian doctor has been selected for the 2017 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame?

39810. When is the National Girl Child Day celebrated in India?

39811. The 2017 Australian Tennis Open Women's Singles title was won by

39812. It is in this country the first human-pig hybrid embryo was created in the lab.

39813. The Draft National Steel Policy 2017 was released to replace the

39814. What is the range of the surface-to-surface missile Ababeel, which was recently flight tested by Pakistan's military?

39815. The 2017 Pakke-Paga Festival was held in which state?

39816. India recently contributed how much amount to the United Nations for Haiti cholera relief?

39817. Extra widening required at a horizontal curbe on a single lane hill road of radius 80 m for a design speed of 50 im ph and for a vehicle with wheel base 0 m is:

39818. Best ballast contains stones varying in size from:

39819. Ryve’s formula for flood estimate in cumecs,is:

39820. An inclined circular plate of diameter 2 m lies ubmerged in a liquid of specific grapvity The depth of the centroid of plate below the free surface is 1 meter.The hydrostatic pressure on one side of the plate in KN is:

39821. A rectangular open channel carries a flow of 2 m3/sec/m,what is the value of minimum specific energy?

39822. A hydraulic model of a spill way is constructed with a scale 1:If the prototype discharge is 3125 cumec,then the corresponding discharge for which the model should be tested is:

39823. High COD to BOD ratio of an organic pollutant represents:

39824. Which is secondary air pollutant?

39825. Isopleth is a line which joins all the points having:

39826. A waste water sample contains 10-6mmoles/litre of hydroxyl ions at 250The pH of the sample is:

39827. Faculative bacterias survive in:

39828. ABCD is a regular parallelogram plot of land whose angle BAD is If the bearing of the line AB is 300,the bearing of CD is:

39829. The radius of a simple circular curve is 300 m and length of its specified chord is 30 m.The degree of the curbe is:

39830. The difference between the time avail-to do a job and the time required to do the job,is known as:

39831. A portion of an embankment having a uniform up-gradient 1 in 500 is circular with radius 1000 m of the centre line.It subtends 1800 at the centre.If the height of the bank is 1m at the lower end,and side slopes 2:1,the earth work involved:

39832. The brick work is not measured in cu m in case of:

39833. What annual sinking fund at 5% must be invested to produce Rs.1 at the end of 20 years?

39834. Under the straight line method of charging depreciation,depreciation:

39835. Which one of the following helps to identify the objects on the earth surface?

39836. If TL is the latest allowable event occurrence time,total activity slack(s),is equal to:

39837. The maximum twisting moment a shaft can resist,is the product of the permissible shear stress and :

39838. A beam of length L is pinned at both ends and is subjected to a concentrated bending couple of moment M at its centre.The maximum bending moment in the beam is:

39839. In plastic analysis,the shape factor for a traiangular section is:

39840. A single rolling load 8 kN rolls along a girder of 15 m span The absolute maximum bending moment will be:

39841. A rectangular beam 250 mm wide,310 mm effective depth has 3 bars of 12 mm diameter HYSD grade Fe 415 steel bars.Concrete grade is MThe ultimate moment of resistance of the beam is:

39842. India's first Fanatic Sports Museum was inaugurated in which city?

39843. Iris Mittenaere, who has been crowned the new Miss Universe 2016, is belonged to which country?

39844. Name the Indian doctor selected for the 2017 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame?

39845. Who has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Delhi Police?

39846. Who has won the 2017 Men's singles Australian Open tennis tournament?

39847. Who won the 2017 Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold men's singles badminton title?

39848. The world's first-ever digital ambassador has been created by which country?

39849. Who was appointed as the UN in India Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

39850. Who won the 2017 Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold women's singles badminton title?

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